let's use tar.gz instead of tar.bz2, also in bs_publish
[opensuse:build-service.git] / src / backend / bs_publish
2009-02-06 Christoph Thiellet's use tar.gz instead of tar.bz2, also in bs_publish
2009-02-06 Adrian Schröteradd support for more imaging formats (patch by Christop...
2009-02-01 Martin Mohring- changed: use configurable rundir now also in the...
2008-12-05 Martin Mohring- added: new armv7el arch for all binaries for up to...
2008-11-26 Michael Schröder- publish .raw files
2008-11-20 Lars Vogdt- make debugging easier: include time if rsync fails
2008-11-16 Martin Mohring- added: support for ARMv5 EABI little endian arch
2008-11-16 Martin Mohring- added: support for ARMv5 EABI little endian arch
2008-11-12 Adrian Schröterdelete uploads after the new stuff is online.
2008-10-27 Adrian Schröterhand over changed content to hook scripts
2008-10-27 Michael Schröder- add hook for adrian
2008-10-23 Adrian Schröter* we do not use hard links, reduce IO usage
2008-10-21 Michael Schröder- publish isos and repo dirs
2008-09-12 Michael Schröder- support BSConfig::sign_project, makes BS add the...
2008-09-12 Michael Schröder- reimplement retries
2008-08-22 Michael Schröder- fix kiwi code in scheduler
2008-07-23 Michael Schröder- implement hostcheck and badhost handling
2008-07-04 Michael Schröder- move publishdb from repo to source server
2008-05-30 Marcus Hüwefixed warning
2008-05-15 Martin Mohring- added warning switch like in the other bs_ scripts
2008-04-04 Michael Schröder- reorder some functions in BSWatcher
2008-02-20 Adrian Schröteravoid colons in repo file group strings, new yum does...
2008-01-21 Adrian Schröteradd timeouts to rsync calls, in case ftp server went...
2007-12-06 Michael Schröder- add some locks so we can test if the dispatcher/publi...
2007-12-03 Michael Schröder- support signing with different keys
2007-11-23 Susanne Oberhauser- rc scripts (dist/obs*) now start in the right order...
2007-11-23 Michael Schröder- rewrote job handling, finally sane and race free
2007-10-17 Michael Schröder- re-run createrepo without --update if it fails
2007-09-18 Michael Schröder- split dispatcher from repserver