optimized status monitor
[opensuse:build-service.git] / src / webui / app / views / project / monitor.rhtml
2006-06-19 Andreas Baueroptimized status monitor
2006-06-01 Andreas Bauer- added favicon from opensuse wiki
2006-05-24 Andreas Bauer- implemented parts of new design (stylesheet, breadcru...
2006-05-24 Andreas Bauer- using new packstatus for status monitor
2006-05-23 Andreas Bauerremoved autoupdate link from build status page
2006-05-02 Andreas Bauerrestored old build monitor for linuxtag
2006-04-11 Andreas Bauerremove build status monitor (bug #165107)
2006-03-17 Andreas Bauerhtml-escaping of all variables directly inserted in...
2006-03-13 Andreas Bauer- moved watched projects to the top (my projects page)
2006-03-13 Andreas Bauerforgot to change name -> package parameter
2006-02-24 Adrian Schröterthe initial import.