2010-01-29 Stephan Kulowupdate shared to fix the http timeout
2010-01-28 Adrian Schröterfix repos server path
2010-01-28 Ruediger Oerteladd ignore for sigpipe
2010-01-27 Michael Schroeder- use srcmd5 from linkinfo instead of expanded link
2010-01-27 Michael Schroeder- don't use linkrev=base as it might create broken...
2010-01-27 Michael Schroeder- fix deletion of files in branch/branch integration
2010-01-27 Adrian Schröter* allow incomplete _patchinfo submissions
2010-01-27 Michael Schroeder- fix local kiwi product building
2010-01-26 Adrian Schröterwrite sourceserver attribute also in image build jobs
2010-01-26 Adrian Schröterfix xml generation for _patchinfo files
2010-01-26 Adrian Schröter* Fix worker code download without SLP
2010-01-26 Thomas Schmidtdon't alway pull from master
2010-01-26 Thomas Schmidt[webui] package maintainers can handle requests
2010-01-26 Adrian Schröter* fix dependencies for deb building
2010-01-26 Stephan Kulowapi: do not make the function private that the delayed_...
2010-01-25 Michael Schroeder- add back --srcserver in hostcheck call so that autobu...
2010-01-25 Michael Schroeder- change srcserver handling to be backward compatible
2010-01-25 Adrian Schröterfix script call for startproc, removing "env" hack
2010-01-25 Adrian Schröter* use src server as specified in buildinfo to support...
2010-01-25 Michael SchroederMerge branch '1.7' of
2010-01-25 Michael Schroederbackport commit f7f36cd791b286f64fa7ff961d02a89de6255db...
2010-01-25 Stephan Kulowapi: only check if the project name is valid on put...
2010-01-25 Stephan Kulowapi: fix typo
2010-01-25 Stephan Kulowapi: do not allow unknown users as maintainers
2010-01-25 Stephan Kulowapi: unbreak /public URLs because of rails 1.1 "support"
2010-01-25 Stephan Kulowapi: if there is nothing in cache, ask the backend...
2010-01-25 Adrian SchröterPre-define OBS internally used attributes. They all...
2010-01-25 Adrian Schröter* run setup scripts only when configured in sysconfig...
2010-01-25 Stephan Kulowapi: check for the existance of a request, if it does...
2010-01-22 Thomas Schmidt[webui] fix flag status js for long repo lists
2010-01-21 Adrian Schröterno more debian 4.0
2010-01-21 Adrian Schröter* more update and setup informations for new services.
2010-01-21 Adrian Schröterno more screen zombies
2010-01-21 Adrian Schröter* support user notification about product upgrades...
2010-01-21 Thomas Schmidt[webui] use local version of contentadd_style.css,...
2010-01-21 Stephan Kulowfix more of the attributes
2010-01-21 Stephan Kulowapi: give an useful error to the caller if someone...
2010-01-21 Thomas Schmidtuse secure gravatar link
2010-01-21 Thomas Schmidtbe more robust wrt unavailable buildresult
2010-01-21 Thomas Schmidtuse 400 as error status code, ichain eats 500
2010-01-21 Stephan Kulowcontinue testing and fixing attributes
2010-01-21 Stephan Kulowtesting updating project attributes
2010-01-21 Stephan Kulowon deployment copy the shared database.xml (already...
2010-01-21 Thomas Schmidtadd route for single attributes
2010-01-21 Thomas Schmidtadopt to api changes of attribute storage. Still does...
2010-01-21 Adrian Schröterrestart failed build jobs, detected due to "bad host...
2010-01-20 Adrian Schröterfix undef warning
2010-01-20 Adrian Schröterescape branch calls to backend correctly
2010-01-19 Adrian Schrötersilence in init script
2010-01-19 Ruediger Oertelprune repocache from outdated entries
2010-01-19 Adrian Schrötermaster rudi reviewed my init scripts ... fixing ...
2010-01-19 Adrian Schröterspeed up patch
2010-01-19 Adrian Schrötermake two not critical places a die to warn
2010-01-19 Adrian Schröter* make directory of backend code configurable
2010-01-19 Michael Schroeder- move setting of 'linked' a few lines up so that the...
2010-01-19 Adrian Schrötercosmetics
2010-01-19 Adrian Schröterfix attribute handling in pattern meta
2010-01-18 Adrian Schröteradd missing declaration
2010-01-18 Michael Schroeder- verify request ids
2010-01-18 Michael Schroeder- do cmd=xxx switching in dispatcher
2010-01-18 Adrian Schröteruse current build code to get sha256 files
2010-01-18 Adrian Schrötermissed one place
2010-01-18 Adrian Schröteradapt find_attribute call to speerate namespace & name...
2010-01-18 Stephan Kulowthe production.rb in git is no longer valid anymore...
2010-01-18 Adrian Schröteryet another place where $rpm was used.
2010-01-18 Adrian Schröter* switch from sha1 to sha256
2010-01-18 Adrian Schröterfix creating submit request without target element...
2010-01-18 Adrian Schröter* fix hypervisor checks
2010-01-18 Adrian Schröterregister SLP via reg files, instead via slptool
2010-01-18 Stephan Kulowapi: if only project is given, look at all packages
2010-01-18 Stephan Kulowavoid accessing projects not found
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröter* code cleanup in attribute area
2010-01-17 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröterdo not crash in ExceptionNotifier on exception by default
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröterdo not build on usb-stick in chroot mode
2010-01-17 Adrian Schrötermake worker working via SLP
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröterrename frontend to api in all visible places
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröter* write correct config
2010-01-17 Adrian Schröteruse current HEAD
2010-01-16 Marcus Huewe- fixed osc call
2010-01-16 Stephan Kulowdo not remove production.rb, it does no longer exist
2010-01-16 Adrian Schröterinclude appliance runlevel scripts into package (they...
2010-01-16 Adrian Schröterset run and log dir to correct permissions by default
2010-01-16 Adrian Schröter* fix creating /srv/obs/projects when creating the...
2010-01-16 Adrian Schröter* Switch to rails 2.3.5
2010-01-16 Stephan Kulowmove the filtering into a generic function for easier...
2010-01-16 Stephan Kulowfix project flags if you're not maintainer
2010-01-16 Stephan Kulowrelax schema to allow most projects and packages to...
2010-01-15 Stephan Kulowfix the project schema - several attributes are require...
2010-01-15 Stephan Kulowuse the exception_notification gem also in the api
2010-01-15 Adrian Schrötersome very basic scripts to setup the OBS appliance...
2010-01-15 Adrian SchröterSet defaults to work out-of-the-box
2010-01-15 Adrian SchröterWhen creating a new project on package branch call...
2010-01-15 Stephan Kulowwebui: knowing how the backend does the xpath helps...
2010-01-14 Michael Schroeder- add branch xml workaround to baserev update code
2010-01-14 Michael Schroeder- allow rev=repository in sourcecopy
2010-01-14 Adrian Schröterdocument regression
2010-01-14 Adrian Schröterfix user name logging on "linktobranch" command
2010-01-13 Stephan Kulowcatch errors caused by attribute API change
2010-01-13 Stephan Kulowfix xpath for devel/@project - and test that it at...