2012-07-16 Steffen Winterfeldtdon't create /boot/grub2/backgrounds
2012-06-22 Steffen Winterfeldtreworked grub2 branding:
2012-06-13 Bruno FriedmannGrub2 branding script + Makefile (backport of sr#124187...
2012-06-13 Bruno FriedmannAdd base for grub2 branding
2012-05-28 Bruno FriedmannFixes for kdm theme and default wallpapers
2012-05-28 Bruno FriedmannFixes for bnc#763266, adjusted ratio size & positions...
2012-05-28 Bruno FriedmannFixes for bnc763262, theme name moved from SUSE to...
2012-05-28 Bruno FriedmannFix name of opensuse logo in images and main.qml
2012-05-21 Bruno FriedmannForgotten fixes for ksplash-qml-openSUSE in install...
2012-05-21 Bruno FriedmannAfter build : lightrays.xml
2012-05-21 Bruno FriedmannMerge commit '2edc86107c9be1f1d5ab8bb4d9e8903250e02938'
2012-05-21 Bruno FriedmannKDE KDM 12.2 theme rebuild & fixes for bnc 763262
2012-05-21 Bruno FriedmannKDE KDM 12.2 theme rebuild & fixes for bnc 763262
2012-05-21 Richard BrownopenSUSE static xml for gnome wallpaper 12.2
2012-05-21 Bruno FriedmannMerge commit '17085c562a98f278d30816b003ada1a0ac51e17c'
2012-05-21 Bruno FriedmannFixed name in ksplash-qml, Fixed missing main.qml in...
2012-05-21 Richard BrownRestoring XML files needed for gnome dynamic build
2012-05-10 Bruno Friedmannprint-test-page added fr translation, fixed wrong ...
2012-05-08 Richard Browntigerfoot: new 12.2 branding, especially kdm theme
2012-05-05 Bruno FriedmannAgain wrong permission in boot/ script have to be +x
2012-05-05 Bruno FriedmannReset Makefile to 12.2 default in -art (undo kdm theme...
2012-05-05 Bruno FriedmannLast fixes with original logo, and wrong alpha values
2012-05-05 Bruno FriedmannFixed group permission
2012-05-05 Bruno FriedmannNew 12.2 kdm branding
2012-04-27 Thomas GoettlicherFix for bnc #753769: frames missing for Frame widget
2012-04-22 Bruno Friedmann12.2M4 regenerated and fixed artwork
2012-04-22 Bruno Friedmann12.2M4 darker/lighter layer in base background, gnome...
2012-04-22 Bruno Friedmann12.2M4 kde-workspace, Fixes in Makefile
2012-04-22 Bruno Friedmann12.2M4 loo xfce yast
2012-04-22 Bruno Friedmann12.2M4 gimp loo
2012-04-22 Bruno Friedmanngfxboot part fixes
2012-04-22 Bruno Friedmanngfxboot part
2012-04-22 Bruno FriedmannBoot part
2012-04-22 Bruno FriedmannAdded 19:10 ratio for 1920x1080,1680x1050,1366x768
2012-04-22 Bruno FriedmannNew ksplash for kde based on qml engine + Makefile...
2012-04-22 Bruno FriedmannUpdated version to 12.2
2012-04-15 Eugene TrounevAdditional wallpapers and boot image
2012-04-01 Eugene TrounevUpdated version of default wallpaper. Hope this is...
2012-02-07 Thomas Goettlicheradded style without background for better performance...
2012-02-02 Richard Brown12.2 - Fix layout of gimp splash and transparency of...
2012-02-02 Richard Brownremove useless ksplash symlink for 12.2
2012-02-02 Richard BrownFix transparency on 12.2 gimp splash
2012-02-02 Richard BrownFix 12.2 Makefile for new ksplash resolution
2012-02-01 Richard Brown12.2 draft bootsplash
2012-02-01 Richard Brown12.2 draft bootsplash
2012-01-29 Richard Brown12.2 GNOME dynamic wallpaper12.2 GNOME dynamic wallpape...
2012-01-29 Richard BrownDraft 12.2 Dynamic ideas
2012-01-28 Richard Brown12.2 gimp, xfce, yast, libreoffice splashes, background...
2012-01-28 Richard Brown12.2 gfxboot first attempt
2012-01-28 Richard Brown1610 background gradient label tweak
2012-01-28 Richard Brown12.2 Ksplash
2012-01-28 Richard BrownInitial 12.2 commit, lightrays design
2012-01-17 Thomas Goettlicherfixed style of disabled default button
2012-01-13 Robert Lihmfixed settingcopy for production in asia
2012-01-12 Robert Lihmfixed issues and added sleever version for production...
2011-11-23 Robert Lihmfixed flipped text on DVD-Ring
2011-11-14 Thomas Schmidtremove example
2011-11-14 Thomas Schmidtupdate screencasts material
2011-11-11 Thomas Goettlicherfixed bnc #725952
2011-11-11 Robert Lihmmade new setting copy for 12.1 promo dvd sleeve
2011-11-11 Robert Lihmadded DVD Setting Copy oS 12.1
2011-11-03 Jos Poortvlietremoved the files which have moved to the opensuse...
2011-11-03 Marcus Moellercorrected png image size
2011-11-03 Marcus Moellerre-aligned logo
2011-11-03 Marcus Moelleradded libreoffice intro images
2011-11-03 Marcus Moelleradded libreoffice splash
2011-10-29 Marcus Moelleradded sysinfo theme
2011-10-27 Stephan Kulowlet's assume this was a typo for gray
2011-10-24 Robert Lihmadded CD-Sleeve for 12.1
2011-10-24 Robert Lihmadded entries to .gitignore and moved 11.4 CD-Sleeve...
2011-10-19 Thomas Goettlicherfixed colors
2011-10-10 Stephan Kulowadd gimp splash screen
2011-10-07 Stephan Kulowadd license for the artwork derived from xfce logo
2011-10-07 Stephan Kulowlet's use a larger logo by default
2011-10-07 Stephan Kulowhopefully fixing bootsplash install
2011-10-07 Stephan Kulowforgot about make install
2011-10-07 Stephan Kulowthe current splash is 350, so use that
2011-10-07 Stephan Kulowmake the convert calls for gfxboot more specific about...
2011-10-07 Stephan Kulowfix up the xfce branding to match the logic of the...
2011-10-07 Marcin FloryanNew splash screen for XFCE4 using new openSUSE 12.1...
2011-10-06 Vincent UntzFix check target to actually fail on errors
2011-10-06 Stephan Kulowadd the patch too
2011-10-06 Stephan Kulowadapt the background colour behind the jpg
2011-10-06 Vincent UntzAdd check target to Makefile
2011-10-06 Vincent UntzSmall tweaks in the install target (and .gitignore)
2011-10-06 Stephan Kulowadd install target
2011-10-05 Stephan Kulowinkscape! behave!
2011-10-05 Stephan Kulowmake the white more white and remove the doubled logo
2011-10-05 Vincent UntzFix 16:9 and 16:10 jpg, use new resolutions in dynamic...
2011-10-05 Richard Brown On branch master
2011-10-05 Vincent UntzUse all 4 resolutions in static GNOME wallpaper
2011-10-05 Stephan Kulowput more resolutions in opensusedefault
2011-10-05 Stephan Kulowbootsplash supports all aspect ratios now
2011-10-04 Vincent UntzUse -quality when creating images for dynamic wallpaper too
2011-10-04 Stephan Kulowprovide quality
2011-10-04 Stephan Kulowour wallpapers are jpg
2011-10-04 Stephan Kulowfix cp call
2011-10-04 Marcus MoellerMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-10-04 Marcus Moellerin 5:4 versions the geeko is in position -120 / 100...
2011-10-04 Vincent Untz12.1: Create a helper file with the name of the wallpaper