don't create /boot/grub2/backgrounds
[opensuse:art.git] / 12.2 / Makefile
2012-07-16 Steffen Winterfeldtdon't create /boot/grub2/backgrounds
2012-06-22 Steffen Winterfeldtreworked grub2 branding:
2012-06-13 Bruno FriedmannGrub2 branding script + Makefile (backport of sr#124187...
2012-06-13 Bruno FriedmannAdd base for grub2 branding
2012-05-28 Bruno FriedmannFixes for kdm theme and default wallpapers
2012-05-28 Bruno FriedmannFixes for bnc763262, theme name moved from SUSE to...
2012-05-21 Bruno FriedmannForgotten fixes for ksplash-qml-openSUSE in install...
2012-05-21 Bruno FriedmannMerge commit '2edc86107c9be1f1d5ab8bb4d9e8903250e02938'
2012-05-21 Bruno FriedmannMerge commit '17085c562a98f278d30816b003ada1a0ac51e17c'
2012-05-21 Bruno FriedmannFixed name in ksplash-qml, Fixed missing main.qml in...
2012-05-05 Bruno FriedmannReset Makefile to 12.2 default in -art (undo kdm theme...
2012-05-05 Bruno FriedmannNew 12.2 kdm branding
2012-04-22 Bruno Friedmann12.2M4 regenerated and fixed artwork
2012-04-22 Bruno Friedmann12.2M4 kde-workspace, Fixes in Makefile
2012-04-22 Bruno FriedmannNew ksplash for kde based on qml engine + Makefile...
2012-02-02 Richard BrownFix 12.2 Makefile for new ksplash resolution
2012-02-01 Richard Brown12.2 draft bootsplash
2012-01-28 Richard BrownInitial 12.2 commit, lightrays design