2008-08-13 jimmacfxuncomment the windows domain selection. Don't recall...
2008-07-26 jimmacfxOOo 3.0 splash (new size)
2008-07-21 jimmacfxaddress tooltip matching. fixes bug #410056
2008-07-16 jimmacfxfix bug #395809
2008-07-07 jimmacfxfix spinner according to the specs.
2008-07-01 jimmacfxminor details on the lock.
2008-07-01 jimmacfxremove the duplicate openSUSE title and rearrange to...
2008-07-01 jimmacfxposition the stripe better
2008-07-01 jimmacfxtweaks to the templates
2008-07-01 jimmacfxA slightly less frightening interpretation of the commu...
2008-06-30 jimmacfxminor tweaks to the slideshow
2008-06-30 jimmacfxScreencast template
2008-06-30 jimmacfxignore some file that are generated
2008-06-11 jimmacfxmore sizes, tweaks.
2008-06-11 jimmacfxremove console.log().
2008-06-11 jimmacfxit's not DDay yet.
2008-06-11 jimmacfxdeal with the D day. point to the download page
2008-06-03 jimmacfxMake the verbose pattern more subtle to address bug...
2008-05-30 sbrabecAdded missing file to previous commit.
2008-05-30 sbrabecRemoved metacity-theme-1.xml from translatable stuff...
2008-05-30 sbrabecCorrectly package both index.theme files (bnc#391865).
2008-05-30 jimmacfxAdd a mandatory changelog entry
2008-05-26 jimmacfxbuild clean
2008-05-26 jimmacfxremove stale dir
2008-05-26 jimmacfxremove stale dir
2008-05-26 jimmacfxadd metatheme files. make the notification message...
2008-05-26 jimmacfxicons are now part of a metatheme
2008-05-26 jimmacfxadding an autogen script from gnome themes extras
2008-05-26 jimmacfxuse Standa's structure for GNOME theming
2008-05-23 jimmacfxquick fix of the 10.3 background for greeter
2008-05-20 jimmacfxspotlight part for the cdboot theme welcome screen
2008-05-19 jimmacfxremove cruft after git-svn
2008-05-19 jimmacfxthis is actually for cdboot
2008-05-19 jimmacfxgrub parts for Steffen
2008-05-19 jimmacfxsysinfo template with Oxygen-styled icons.
2008-05-19 jimmacfxKDE my computer page WIP.
2008-05-19 jimmacfxRemoving things that git-svn left behind.
2008-05-19 jimmacfxDelete stale dir from SVN. git-svn doesn't seem to...
2008-05-19 jimmacfxremoving old stuff
2008-05-19 jimmacfxDelete stale dir from SVN. git-svn doesn't seem to...
2008-05-19 jimmacfxDelete stale dir from SVN. git-svn doesn't seem to...
2008-05-19 jimmacfxDelete stale dir from SVN. git-svn doesn't seem to...
2008-05-19 jimmacfxadd GNOME greeter to the index
2008-05-19 jimmacfxTweaks of the KDE greeter graphics.
2008-05-19 jimmacfxGNOME version (different graphics) of the SUSE greeter.
2008-05-19 dirkmuellermove the error message a bit up (bnc#391830)
2008-05-19 jimmacfxUse a more common resolution for splashy.
2008-05-17 jimmacfxsplashy config
2008-05-17 jimmacfxassets for gdm/kdm themes
2008-05-06 dirkmuellerthe kde3 color scheme
2008-05-06 jimmacfxfix layout issues with the bootsplash theme.
2008-05-06 jimmacfxremove dot files
2008-05-05 jimmacfxtheme tweaks
2008-05-05 jimmacfxNew animated greeter for KDE.
2008-05-05 jimmacfxflatten the stripe onto the background
2008-05-05 jimmacfxAdd some dithering to the gradients to avoid banding.
2008-05-05 dirkmuellersync with reality
2008-04-30 jimmacfxremove obsolete image reference
2008-04-28 dirkmuellerfixes
2008-04-28 dirkmuelleradd a kdm4 greeter theme description
2008-04-28 jimmacfxbootsplash theme
2008-04-24 jimmacfxlost folder new icon, release of Industrial. fix up...
2008-04-23 jimmacfxwrong filename again
2008-04-22 jimmacfxfix up the spinner stuff properly
2008-04-22 jimmacfxuse naming spec for spinner
2008-04-22 jimmacfxadd 32x32 sizes to index.theme. make status install...
2008-04-18 jimmacfxcombine wm and widget themes into a metatheme for GNOME...
2008-04-18 jimmacfxKDE splash. Artwork + Animated mockup how things should...
2008-04-16 jimmacfxmerge in the extra-wallpapers branch
2008-04-16 jimmacfxinstaller background biuts using HPJ's dithering algorithm
2008-04-14 jimmacfxadd a hostname for remote displays to address bug ...
2008-04-09 jimmacfxmirror the changes in GDM theme to the KDM theme
2008-04-09 jimmacfxvacuum SVGs
2008-04-09 jimmacfxHPJ was also a contributor
2008-04-09 jimmacfxuse the latest license terms as supplied by Ciaran...
2008-04-09 jimmacfxarrange the gtk theme according to the conventions...
2008-04-09 jimmacfxGDM theme based on the greygreen mockup. added AUTHORS...
2008-04-07 jimmacfxhungarian translation by Kalman Kemenczy <kkemenczy...
2008-04-07 jimmacfxremove references to greyscale.
2008-04-07 jimmacfxsomewhat broken, as I don't know how to merge the chang...
2008-04-07 jimmacfxdutch translation by Freek de Kruijf <
2008-04-07 jimmacfxopenSUSE 11 branded print test pages
2008-04-07 jimmacfxinstaller theming done in yast svn
2008-04-07 jimmacfxweb banner tweaks+small size
2008-04-07 jimmacfxbetter layout for the palette
2008-04-07 jimmacfxcdboot animation
2008-04-07 jimmacfxopenSUSE 11 javascript countdown.
2008-03-28 jimmacfxfix up subtitle font
2008-03-28 jimmacfxtweaks to the GIMP splash
2008-03-28 jimmacfxremove small trailing frames
2008-03-28 jimmacfxtweaks
2008-03-28 jimmacfxanimated mockup of the cd boot welcome screen
2008-03-27 jimmacfxprepare for an animated mockup of the welcome screen
2008-03-27 jimmacfxnew splashes
2008-03-13 jimmacfxdoodling wallpapers
2008-03-12 jimmacfxPut source files here.
2008-03-12 jimmacfxcreate a wallpaper state for each daytime. Gnome will...
2008-03-12 jimmacfxno aboutbox in gimp 2.4. move some assets out.
2008-03-12 jimmacfxfix layout of the SVGs. Use the SVG metadata to store...
2008-03-12 jimmacfxfixes to the icon layout. no more linked clone