2009-01-20 Jan BlunckAdd product and/or text search. E.g.:
2009-01-20 Jan BlunckRenamed the Log model to Report. This matches the namin...
2008-11-28 Andreas Bauer- reconfigured production database settings
2008-11-28 Andreas Bauer- fixed validation
2008-11-27 Andreas Bauer- basic log validation (check for ProblemType, Date...
2008-11-27 Andreas Bauer- reinitialize multiline_value after storing it
2008-11-27 Andreas Bauer- uuid is generated when trying to access it instead of
2008-11-27 Andreas Bauer- disabled stacktrace of 404 exceptions
2008-11-26 Andreas Bauer- initial checkin
2008-11-25 Peter Pömlcreated