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last changeThu, 11 Apr 2013 03:41:39 +0000 (05:41 +0200)
2013-04-11 Alexander GrafFind modalias for mmc driver master
2013-04-11 Alexander Grafinclude mmc drivers in monster initrd
2013-03-21 Andrey Borzenkovfix wrong target dependency (local_fs -> local-fs)
2013-03-21 Michal MarekDo not refresh the bootloader if no kernels are installed
2013-03-21 Josef MöllersSkip static interfaces when configuring dhcp interfaces
2013-03-21 Hannes ReineckeFix boot from mdraid on top of multipath devices
2013-03-21 Lee DuncanHandle moving ibft interface between interfaces and...
2013-03-21 Milan Vancura.gitignore updated
2013-03-21 Michal MarekUse the default gzip compression level
2013-03-12 Olaf HeringHandle both rootfsopts and rootflags when looking for...
2013-03-06 Olaf Heringbump year in Copyright
2013-03-06 Olaf Heringpreserve osc _link files when exporting to directory
2013-03-06 Olaf HeringInclude hyperv_fb if running in hyper-v guest (fate...
2013-02-27 Olaf Heringupdate changes file
2013-02-26 Alexander GrafAdd support for zImage on ARM
2013-02-26 Michal MarekFix typo in man lsinitrd
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