2010-03-22 Adrian Schröterdon't show package & remote handles on projects which... 1.7.2
2010-03-22 Michael Schroeder- be more careful when updating just the project metadata
2010-03-22 Michael Schroeder- should also assign after calculating the updated...
2010-03-19 Michael Schroeder- save watchremote_start in scheduler state so that...
2010-03-18 Michael Schroeder- add myarch to lastevents query
2010-03-18 Michael Schroeder- add obsname to lastevents call
2010-03-18 Michael Schroeder- restore bs_admin --deep-check-project behavior
2010-03-18 Michael Schroeder- be more clever with project changes, just update...
2010-03-18 Michael Schroeder- only send change events if something relevant has...
2010-03-18 Michael Schroeder- comment out some debug statements
2010-03-15 Adrian Schröternicer error when wrong project is given
2010-03-12 Michael Schroeder- correctly forward status codes in RPCs
2010-03-12 Michael Schroeder- getprojpack: add complete linked info for remote...
2010-03-11 Adrian Schröter* make VM type configurable
2010-03-11 Adrian Schröterfinalize 1.7.2 release notes
2010-03-11 Adrian Schröterfix execution from non local directory
2010-03-11 Adrian Schröterfix startproc handling, linux kernel has a limit of...
2010-03-11 Michael Schroeder- allow optional obsname parameter in /lastevents
2010-03-10 Adrian Schrötermake add OBS instance view a bit more understandable
2010-03-10 Adrian Schröteradd 1.7.2 release notes
2010-03-10 Adrian Schröterfix obs_productconverter execution
2010-03-10 Adrian Schröteruse own icon for project list action
2010-03-10 Adrian Schröterown icon for OBS setup link
2010-03-10 Adrian Schröterhide group management in 1.7 branch. This is not suppor...
2010-03-10 Adrian Schröterhint the user to finish setup of OBS via admin webui
2010-03-10 Adrian Schrötersimplify code as suggested by Tom
2010-03-10 Adrian Schrötershow setup OBS link to admin and suggest
2010-03-10 Adrian Schrötersuggest by default
2010-03-10 Adrian Schröter* add admin view
2010-03-10 David GreavesAdd LDAP/SSL support and make dependency on ldap optional
2010-03-10 David GreavesUpdated LDAP authentication
2010-03-10 Michael Schroeder- cpio extension: add forgotten read
2010-03-09 Michael Schroeder- fix kiwi product build workaround
2010-03-09 Michael Schroeder- work around kiwi product package list generation...
2010-03-09 Ruediger Oertelreset die handler in bs_worker
2010-03-09 Michael Schroeder- call diff3 with '-E', creates less conflicts for...
2010-03-09 Adrian Schröter* fix ownership of db/ directory for sqlite3 in webui
2010-03-08 Michael Schroeder- extend cpio sender/receiver to cope with oversized...
2010-03-08 Michael Schroeder- reset PIPE before calling the build script
2010-03-05 Michael Schroeder- don't manage the cache that often for kiwi products
2010-03-05 Adrian Schröterrevert unwanted files from last submission (git does...
2010-03-05 Adrian Schröter* fix startup of api and webui delayed, processes must...
2010-03-04 Michael Schroeder- don't send cache requests if no cachedir is defined
2010-03-04 Ruediger Oertelupdate build from master to 1.7
2010-03-04 Adrian Schrötersupport short labels for content files (FATE #309104)
2010-03-04 Michael Schroeder- implement caching for kiwi product builds
2010-03-04 Michael Schroeder- support binary filtering in getbinarylist
2010-03-04 Michael Schroeder- no floats for sizek, please
2010-03-04 Michael Schroeder- add support for binaryversion query on packages
2010-03-04 Adrian Schröterdo not create patchinfo packages with illegal characters
2010-03-02 Adrian SchröterTypo fixes by Scott Bahling (#584620)
2010-03-02 Adrian Schrötersupport search for projects with a given name (#583570)
2010-03-02 Adrian SchröterMerge branch '1.7' of
2010-03-01 Adrian SchröterFix attribute definition validation
2010-03-01 Michael Schroeder- don't die if baserev does not exist
2010-03-01 Michael Schroeder- copy bs_worker's SEEK_SET workaround to bs_repserver
2010-02-26 Adrian Schröterhandle "_product" packages as excluded instead of broken
2010-02-26 Adrian Schröterdocument changed permission behavior
2010-02-26 Alexandr D... Ignore case while counting CPUs, as it might be "Proces...
2010-02-26 Adrian SchröterAllow creation of home:$login:someproject, even when...
2010-02-25 Adrian Schröteradd 1.7.1 release notes
2010-02-25 Adrian Schröterwarn about unsuccessfull network setup
2010-02-24 Adrian Schrötershow the parse error in error result when kiwi file...
2010-02-24 Stephan Kulowquote patches (bnc#582211)
2010-02-23 Adrian Schröterfix save of changed of devel package but already define...
2010-02-22 Michael Schroeder- don't try to determine version/release from a link
2010-02-18 Adrian SchröterMerge branch '1.7' of
2010-02-18 Adrian Schröterquote images projconf to avoid failures in some situations
2010-02-18 Adrian Schröteraccept also noarch packages as metapackages by default...
2010-02-17 Adrian Schrötersupport arch and addarch attributes fro meta package
2010-02-16 Adrian SchröterMerge branch '1.7' of
2010-02-16 Michael Schroeder- use new xml escape functions
2010-02-16 Michael Schroeder- str2xml -> str2utf8xml, data2xml -> data2utf8xml
2010-02-16 Michael Schroeder- add str2xml and data2xml
2010-02-16 Michael Schroeder- support requestid in commitfilelist
2010-02-16 Adrian Schröterdo not write :repodone in case build jobs are still...
2010-02-15 Adrian Schrötersupport onlyarch attribute for meta packages
2010-02-12 Adrian Schröterfix a sudden scheduler death while racing with the...
2010-02-12 Adrian Schröterthe typical ashamed typo, sorry :/
2010-02-12 Adrian SchröterAvoid to collide with "Macros:" settings at the end...
2010-02-12 Adrian SchröterAdd a button to build kiwi images in a repository.
2010-02-11 Adrian Schröterreport correct error code on broken product input....
2010-02-11 Adrian Schröterset patchinfo name to a sensefull default if not specified
2010-02-10 Adrian Schröterwrite repo state also for new created, but broken confi...
2010-02-10 Adrian Schröterwrite repo state also for new created, but broken confi...
2010-02-10 Adrian Schröter* Fix kvm check by checking for /dev/kvm
2010-02-10 Adrian Schröterreplace exceptional chars with "_" to avoid breaking...
2010-02-09 Thomas Schmidtfixed gsub chaining
2010-02-09 Thomas Schmidt[webui] preserve whitespace in buildlog (bnc#577996)
2010-02-09 Adrian Schröterdo not die on writing repo state, if repo is not existing
2010-02-08 Adrian Schröterfinal 1.7.0 spec file 1.7.0
2010-02-08 Adrian Schrötergo for 1.7.0
2010-02-05 Adrian Schröterfix source service runtime failure
2010-02-04 Adrian Schröterfix missing port default value (5152)
2010-02-04 Adrian Schröterreport broken states of a repository
2010-02-03 Adrian Schrötermetion to run db:migrate for webui as well
2010-02-03 Thomas Schmidt[webui] the neutral theme doesn't use static.opensuse...
2010-02-03 Adrian Schröter1.7.0 RC1 spec file
2010-02-03 Adrian Schröterstart after xend
2010-02-03 Adrian Schröterfix xml generation for attribute type permissions ...