Tagging 2.8.4-rc1.
[openscenegraph:osg.git] / runexamples.bat
2008-04-13 Robert OSFIELDFrom Paul Martz, added osgocclussionquery and osgthirdp...
2007-08-12 Robert OSFIELDRemoved now redundent osgshadowtexture and osgdepthshad...
2007-06-09 Robert OSFIELDRemoved the command line parameters form the examples...
2007-06-08 Robert OSFIELDRemoved command line args for examples ported across...
2007-01-11 Robert OSFIELDRemoved examples:
2007-01-08 Robert OSFIELDFrom Paul Martz and Robert Osfield, renamed include...
2006-07-26 Robert OSFIELDAdded osgprecipitation to runexamples list.
2005-11-10 Robert OSFIELDAdded osgshaderterrain and osgparametric to runexamples.bat
2005-11-09 Robert OSFIELDUpdated the runexamples.bat to include glsl_mandelbrot...
2005-05-25 Robert OSFIELDAdded file to osgkeyboardmouse invokation.
2005-05-23 Robert OSFIELDAdded new examples to runexamples
2005-05-18 Robert OSFIELDUpdated NEWS, ChangeLog and runexamples.bat.
2005-05-07 Robert OSFIELDAdded more comprehensive releaseGLObjects(State*=0...
2005-04-26 Robert OSFIELDAdded support for per context extension string.
2005-04-14 Robert OSFIELDPreparation for moving osgGL2 out of the core OSG into...
2005-04-04 Robert OSFIELDAdded osgparticleeffects example
2004-11-18 Robert OSFIELDMade the permissions executable
2004-11-18 Robert OSFIELDAdded osglancher and osgplanets to example set.
2004-11-15 Robert OSFIELDAdded osgspotlight to example set.
2004-10-01 Robert OSFIELDFrom Marco Jez, added more examples to runexamples.bat
2004-09-01 Robert OSFIELDFrom Marco Jez, added new osgmotionblur example
2004-08-01 Robert OSFIELDBuild fixes for gcc 3.4.1 support
2004-02-07 Robert OSFIELDRemoved slideshow3D from runexamples.bat
2003-10-01 Robert OSFIELDRemoved afterescher reference from runexamples.bat.
2003-09-25 Robert OSFIELDAdded the beginnings of a new osgforest example.
2003-08-26 Robert OSFIELDAdded osgFX - Marco Jez's special effects nodekit.
2003-07-23 Robert OSFIELDAdded control of auto option into slideshow3D
2003-07-22 Robert OSFIELDAdded support for osg::State::s/getInitialViewMatrix();
2003-05-20 Robert OSFIELDAdded osgtexturerectangle example from Ulrich Hertlein.
2003-04-17 Robert OSFIELDMoved the managing of frame stamp from osgProducer...
2003-04-16 Robert OSFIELDAdded convinence methods to osgProducer::Viewer:
2003-04-11 Robert OSFIELDAdded afterescher back into the example list in runexam...
2003-04-07 Robert OSFIELDAdded osgwindows example which sets up and Producer...
2003-03-25 Robert OSFIELDAdded osgkeyboard to the ./runexamples.bat.
2003-03-15 Robert OSFIELDRemoved osgGLUT and Demos/*.