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2009-02-11 Robert OSFIELDFrom Sukender, changes doxygen vebosity to QUIET, merge...
2008-12-19 Robert OSFIELDFrom Mattias Helsing, "
2008-12-16 Robert OSFIELDFrom Mattias Helsing,"Added doc/Doxyfiles/openthreads...
2008-09-16 Robert OSFIELDAdded osgVolume to docs and wrappers
2008-08-18 Robert OSFIELDFrom Erik van Dekker,
2008-08-05 Robert OSFIELDAdded osgWidget to doc building
2008-01-28 Robert OSFIELDFrom Jean-Christophe Lombardo and Robert Osfield, added
2007-12-24 Robert OSFIELDBased on Suggestions from "Harald A" fixed CMake setup...
2007-05-29 Robert OSFIELDChanged SHORT_NAMES = NO to SHORT_NAMES = YES to avoid...
2007-05-28 Robert OSFIELDRemoved old ProgrammingGuide as this is now replaced...
2007-05-26 Robert OSFIELDAdded exclude of svn directories.
2007-02-27 Robert OSFIELDMoved osgProducer and osgproducerviewer out into their...
2005-11-16 Robert OSFIELDStarted experimenting with sections and table of contents.
2005-10-24 Robert OSFIELDAdded beginnings of Programming Guide, and NodeTrackerC...
2005-05-25 Robert OSFIELDUpdated doxgen docs.
2005-05-17 Robert OSFIELDCleaned up in prep for release.
2005-04-15 Robert OSFIELDRemoved link reference to osgGL2 in doxygen file, added...
2005-03-11 Robert OSFIELDAdded support for set/getUniform and set/getProgram...
2004-12-13 Robert OSFIELDFixed project name
2004-11-26 Robert OSFIELDUpdates to ChangeLog and doxygen file
2004-11-26 Robert OSFIELDClean up doxygen files for release
2004-11-18 Robert OSFIELDAdded all core libraries
2004-11-17 Robert OSFIELDRemoved remaining old docs.
2004-11-17 Robert OSFIELDRemoved doc++ docs from distrubtion.
2004-11-17 Robert OSFIELDRemoved mind maps docs
2004-11-17 Robert OSFIELDMoved the main documentation onto the wiki website...
2004-11-01 Robert OSFIELDRemoved referecence to the old c2 wiki.
2004-08-24 Robert OSFIELDRemoved HoveManipulator
2004-08-24 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs
2004-08-23 Robert OSFIELDFixed link to download page
2004-08-23 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs to point to correct 3rd party binaries
2004-08-17 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs for second rev of 0.9.7
2004-08-14 Don BURNSP*E*G*O*U*T Sound. Spelling fixes.
2004-08-13 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs.
2004-08-10 Robert OSFIELDAdded osgdem quick usage guide
2004-08-06 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs
2004-08-06 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs
2004-08-04 Robert OSFIELDAdded GDAL to dependencies list
2003-12-03 Robert OSFIELDImplemented duplicate removal code into TriStripVisitor...
2003-11-25 Robert OSFIELDUpdated links to mailing list
2003-10-27 Robert OSFIELD*** empty log message ***
2003-10-02 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs for 0.9.6-2 release
2003-09-22 Robert OSFIELDChanged reference to osgPluins/GNUmakefile to Make...
2003-09-10 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs for release.
2003-09-08 Robert OSFIELDUpdated NEWS/AUTHORS + html docs for release.
2003-09-01 Robert OSFIELDFrom Neil Salter, added osgSim::SphereSegment and osgSi...
2003-07-26 Robert OSFIELDUpdated dependencies.
2003-07-26 Robert OSFIELDAdded openthreads to list of dependencies.:
2003-07-23 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs to reflect new data direcory.
2003-07-23 Robert OSFIELDUpdated doc++ documentation.
2003-06-24 Don BURNSUpdating 5/27/03 backup with 6/20/03 tarball
2003-05-25 Robert OSFIELDAdded mention of DYLD_BIND_AT_LAUNCH to OSX docs.
2003-04-28 Robert OSFIELDUpdates to the introduction.html.
2003-04-27 Robert OSFIELDFixed typo of Fturue!
2003-04-25 Robert OSFIELDUpdates to introducution.
2003-04-24 Don BURNSA few minor mods to introduction.html
2003-04-24 Robert OSFIELDUpdates to the introduction.html documentaition.
2003-04-24 Robert OSFIELDUpdates to docs.
2003-04-19 Robert OSFIELDChanged the data link to OpenSceneGraph-Data-0.9.3...
2003-04-18 Robert OSFIELDUpdated NEWS for the release.
2003-04-17 Robert OSFIELDAdded doc++ documentation.
2003-04-13 Robert OSFIELDUpdated dependancies with link to Producer web page.
2003-04-13 Robert OSFIELDAdded Geoff Michel's osgpick and osgUtil::PickVisitor...
2003-04-11 Robert OSFIELDClean of doc++ directories.
2003-04-11 Robert OSFIELDFixes to documentions to refelect the move from osgGLUT...
2003-02-10 Robert OSFIELDRename of INSTALL to INSTALL.txt, etc. to help OSX...
2003-01-25 Robert OSFIELDFinal changes for release.
2003-01-24 Robert OSFIELDAddition for osgSim docs.
2003-01-24 Robert OSFIELDUpdates docs for release.
2002-12-15 Robert OSFIELDUpdates the details on the plans for Open Procuder...
2002-11-13 Robert OSFIELDUpdates to docs for release
2002-11-11 Robert OSFIELDUpdates to doc
2002-11-08 Robert OSFIELDAdded newly generated html files.
2002-11-08 Robert OSFIELDChecking in updates to documentition for the 0.9.2...
2002-11-08 Robert OSFIELDUpdates to Math for OSX build.
2002-09-18 Robert OSFIELDFixed mispelling of SEPARATION.
2002-08-30 Robert OSFIELDUpdates to windows build docs.
2002-08-29 Robert OSFIELDRemoved html files which relate to now removed API.
2002-08-29 Robert OSFIELDAdded new autogenerated .html files
2002-08-29 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs.
2002-08-28 Robert OSFIELDRemoved deprecated code from the distribution.
2002-07-25 Robert OSFIELDFixes to Doxygen files from Neil.
2002-07-20 Robert OSFIELDUmm... these should have already been commited, not...
2002-07-19 Robert OSFIELDUpdated Doyxgen files.
2002-07-18 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs ready for the release.
2002-07-18 Robert OSFIELDVarious fixes to the flt loader, and knock on changes...
2002-07-16 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs and added osgGA
2002-06-08 Robert OSFIELDMore more occlusion culling.
2002-06-05 Robert OSFIELDChecked in osgParticle, writtten by Marco Jez.
2002-06-05 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs.
2002-05-22 Robert OSFIELDUpdates for Doxygen and osgGA headers from Neil.
2002-05-21 Robert OSFIELDTypo and grammer fixes to introduction.html from Neil...
2002-04-26 Robert OSFIELDUpdated docs.
2002-04-25 Robert OSFIELDRan the spell checker through the new documentation.
2002-04-25 Robert OSFIELDAdded to the .plan.
2002-04-25 Robert OSFIELDAdded another bullet point to the plan.
2002-04-25 Robert OSFIELDAdd doc/plan.html and links to it from the rest of...
2002-04-25 Robert OSFIELDFixed relative path for image.
2002-04-25 Robert OSFIELDUpdated demos documentation.
2002-04-25 Robert OSFIELDFixed spellings in introduction.html, and update osgtex...