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last changeThu, 22 Nov 2012 15:13:46 +0000 (15:13 +0000)
2012-11-22 Robert OSFIELDFrom Stephan Huber, "Attached you'll find a new ImageSe... master
2012-11-22 Robert OSFIELDSimplified CMakeLists and adjusted OscHostEndianness...
2012-11-22 Robert OSFIELDFrom Stephan Huber, updates to explictly set the HOST...
2012-11-22 Robert OSFIELDAdded explict handling of osg::Image, osg::HeightField...
2012-11-21 Robert OSFIELDFrom Stephan Huber, further work on osc plugin
2012-11-21 Robert OSFIELDMoved static for local to global scope in Uniform.cpp...
2012-11-21 Robert OSFIELDRefactored osgDB::Input::readObjectOfType to use a...
2012-11-20 Robert OSFIELDFrom Paul Martz, fix for Windows build
2012-11-20 Robert OSFIELDFrom Stephan Huber, added missing windows dependency
2012-11-20 Robert OSFIELDAdded ws2_32 library to Win32 build
2012-11-19 Robert OSFIELDFrom Paul Martz, build fixes
2012-11-19 Robert OSFIELDFrm Stephan Huber, osc plugin that supports send and...
2012-11-16 Robert OSFIELDAdded first cut implememtation of PropertyAnimation...
2012-11-15 Robert OSFIELDMoved PropertyManager related classes out from SlideEve...
2012-11-13 Robert OSFIELDAdded support for P3D_UPDATE env var for setting the...
2012-11-13 Robert OSFIELDAdded --update-active and --update-all command line...
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