2008-12-16 Robert OSFIELDmerged with svn/trunk using: OpenSceneGraph-osgWidget-dev
2008-12-16 Robert OSFIELDRan svnmerge init on fresh check out on OpenSceneGraph...
2008-12-10 Cedric Pinson- Move AnimationManager class in a NodeCallback instead...
2008-12-03 Jeremy MOLESfixes to EventInterface, osgwidgetmessagebox
2008-12-03 Cedric Pinsonadd bvh reader writer
2008-12-03 Cedric Pinsontry to scale
2008-12-03 Cedric Pinsonscale does not work
2008-12-02 Jeremy MOLESUpdated (fixed) osgwidgetmessagebox
2008-12-02 Cedric Pinsonsetup bvh plugin
2008-11-29 Robert OSFIELDRan merge with svn/trunk:
2008-11-28 Robert OSFIELDMerged in changes from svn/trunk
2008-11-28 Robert OSFIELDMerged in svn trunk
2008-11-28 Robert OSFIELDMerge in svn/trunk
2008-11-27 Cedric Pinsonbug i need you jeremy :)
2008-11-27 Cedric Pinsonmake a class for futur integration
2008-11-27 Cedric Pinsonfix a bug in osganimationnode
2008-11-26 Cedric Pinsonupdate event interface
2008-11-26 Cedric Pinsonset color over
2008-11-26 Cedric Pinsonupdate message box, and fix frame theme convertor
2008-11-25 Jeremy MOLESadded back osgwidgetperforamnce
2008-11-25 Cedric Pinsonupdate repeat border
2008-11-25 Cedric Pinsonlook better
2008-11-25 Cedric Pinsonadd ok
2008-11-25 Jeremy MOLESUpdated messagebox
2008-11-25 Cedric Pinsonupdate message box alpha
2008-11-25 Cedric Pinsonadd new example to make message box
2008-11-24 Cedric Pinsonfix matrix operation in skinning, and fix a bug masked...
2008-11-24 Cedric Pinsonuncomment animationnode
2008-11-24 Jeremy MOLESMerged with 2.7.5 (trunk)
2008-11-24 Jeremy MOLESAdded "code by" to all the headers; Robert can have...
2008-11-24 Cedric Pinsondont crash if it does not find image file
2008-11-23 Cedric Pinsonadded them file like in osgWidget/theme.png. The idea...
2008-11-22 Cedric Pinsonrestore osganimationnode example
2008-11-21 Jeremy MOLESadded osgwidgetperformance (for testing); added Widget...
2008-11-19 Jeremy MOLESUpdates to FRAME api
2008-11-17 Cedric Pinsonput osgAnimation
2008-11-17 Cedric Pinsonadd reader writer
2008-11-13 Jeremy MOLESMerged with trunk
2008-11-12 Jeremy MOLESTextureRectangle supported in Widget.
2008-11-11 Jeremy MOLESMore warnings fixes.
2008-11-11 Jeremy MOLESFixed some signed/unsigned warning.
2008-11-11 Cedric Pinsonadd an example how to change duration of animation
2008-11-11 Cedric Pinsonfirst timeline test and an example how to use it, need...
2008-11-08 Cedric Pinsonfix Nan problem, typo in Target
2008-11-07 Cedric PinsonRename NodeVisitor to LinkVisitor
2008-11-07 Cedric PinsonAdd mixer feature in classical way 1-weight
2008-11-05 Cedric Pinsonadd OSGANIMATION_EXPORT for the UpdateCallback of Bone
2008-11-05 Jeremy MOLES- osgWidget::Frame::FrameFlags updates
2008-11-05 Cedric Pinsonremove old timer
2008-11-05 Cedric PinsonAdd viewer in example
2008-11-05 Cedric Pinsonadd osganimation examples
2008-11-04 Cedric Pinsonupdate to compile on windows
2008-11-03 Cedric Pinsonadd osgAnimation
2008-10-31 Jeremy MOLESFixed a bug with Label clonings; added Frame::resizeFrame()
2008-10-30 Jeremy MOLESEmbeddedWindow objects no longer z managed in Window...
2008-10-24 Jeremy MOLESUpdates reflecting the first steps at using an alternat...
2008-10-20 Jeremy MOLESSubstantial API changes and bugfixes; of note: Input...
2008-10-09 Jeremy MOLESMerging my branch w/ trunk as of 10/09/08.
2008-09-17 Jeremy MOLESMerged Robert's changes to trunk.
2008-09-05 Jeremy MOLESAdded methods to WindowManager (::localXY, ::windowXY...
2008-09-04 Jeremy MOLES- Fixed enum naming schemes to be CamelCase.
2008-09-03 Jeremy MOLESMerging osgWidget-dev branch with OSG trunk.
2008-09-02 Jeremy MOLES1. Formatting changes to be consistent with the rest...
2008-08-18 Jeremy MOLESAdded the ability to use operator() style callbacks...
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDAded OpenSceneGraph-osgWidget-dev for Jeremy to work...
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDRelease OpenSceneGraph-2.6.0-rc1 OpenSceneGraph-2.6.0-rc1
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDUpdated ChangeLog and AUTHORS.txt file for relese candidate
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDUpdated version numbers to 2.6.0
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDUpdated REAME and NEWS for 2.6 branch
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDUpdated wrappers
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDRenamed enums in osgWidget from ALLCAPITALS to normal...
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDAdded PluginQuery function to wrappers
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDAdded OSGPL Copyright notices
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDRestructured classes to better fit with style of the...
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDAdded include to help wrapper building
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDImproved handling of PAGE_AND_RETAIN_IMAGES
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDReverted back to using std::list<std::String>
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDAdded Mode support
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDUpdated wrappers, and further refined the ImageSequence API
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDFrom Ulrich Hertlein, "as I hinted at on osg-users...
2008-07-25 Stephan Maximilian... From Stephan Huber: updated XCode-project
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDAdded ImageSequence to .ive plugin, added support for...
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDMoved PluginQuery from osgconv into osgDB
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDAdded extension docs
2008-07-25 Robert OSFIELDAdded option docs
2008-07-24 Robert OSFIELDAdded missing returns
2008-07-24 Robert OSFIELDFrom Paul Martz, "Not sure about the descriptions,...
2008-07-24 Robert OSFIELDUpdated wrappers
2008-07-24 Robert OSFIELDAdded getCurrentCamera/getCurrentRenderStage methods
2008-07-24 Robert OSFIELDAdded a getCurrentRenderStage() and getCurrentCamera...
2008-07-24 Robert OSFIELDImproved the feedback for when a plugin isn't available.
2008-07-24 Robert OSFIELDAdded supportOptions() entry docs
2008-07-24 Robert OSFIELDAdded --format extname and --plugin pluginname extensio...
2008-07-24 Robert OSFIELDFrom Bob Kuehne, "fix for filenames that have spaces...
2008-07-23 Robert OSFIELDUpdated wrappers
2008-07-23 Robert OSFIELDRefactored OverlayData so that its possible to subclass...
2008-07-23 Robert OSFIELDAdded wrappers
2008-07-23 Robert OSFIELDMoved helper classes into Protected section
2008-07-23 Robert OSFIELDFrom Paul Martz, typo fixes
2008-07-23 Robert OSFIELDApplied filename fix suggested by Andrew Bettison.