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2012-10-17 Jon NordbyREADME: Update master
2012-10-17 Jon NordbyAlso build and install static library
2012-09-23 Jehan PagèsFix build error due to missing include of zlib.h
2010-11-04 Jon NordbyDocumentation for ora_render_document and ora_layer
2010-11-04 Jon NordbyAdd README with basic information/todo
2010-11-04 Jon NordbyBuild with debugging information.
2010-11-04 Jon NordbyAdd full-image rendering functionality.
2010-11-02 Jon NordbyFix erronous read in _ora_free_stack()
2010-10-28 Jon NordbyFix regression in reading out layer attributes.
2010-10-28 Jon NordbyRemove tracked .pyc file and update .gitignore
2010-10-28 Jon NordbyAdd visibility attribute to layer and read it
2010-10-27 Jon NordbyGroup layer attributes into a struct
2010-10-25 Jon NordbyAdd function to get size of document.
2010-10-23 Luka ČehovinFix for a nasty ZIP compression bug and another silly...
2010-10-19 Luka ČehovinFinally: documentation, license changed to Simplified...
2010-10-18 Luka ČehovinMerge branch 'master', remote branch 'mainstream/master'
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