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last changeSun, 29 May 2011 19:18:47 +0000 (21:18 +0200)
2011-05-29 Jon NordbyAdd support for newly specified layer modes. master
2011-02-05 Martin RenoldFix for non-ascii layer names
2010-10-24 Jon NordbyUpdate README and license headers.
2010-05-06 Jon NordbyGIMP plugin: fix bug in layer positioning
2010-05-04 Jon NordbyGIMP plugin: Don't accept attributes containing 'hidden'
2010-05-04 Jon NordbyGIMP plugin: Implement visibility attribute
2010-03-14 Jon NordbyGIMP plugin: Optimize PNG saving
2010-01-29 Jon NordbyGIMP plugin: Fix code vunerable to race condition
2009-12-27 Jon NordbyGIMP plugin: flatten and load nested layers
2009-09-02 Jon NordbyInitial commit: basic working gimp-plugin
6 years ago master