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2015-04-25 horkanaadd bugs list. bug 1 recent documents list filled with... master
2015-04-12 horkanaAllow import of non-PNG layers, i.e. JPG and SVG
2015-04-12 horkanaMerge branch 'master' of
2015-04-11 horkanaminor formatting change
2015-04-06 horkanaround-trip paths (save vector information as SVG)
2015-04-06 horkanaround-trip paths (save vector information as SVG)
2015-03-30 horkanawrite resolution information
2015-03-29 horkanaXMP metadata packet, round-trip document properties...
2015-03-29 horkanaXMP metadata
2015-03-27 horkanatry to keep compatibility with old versions (i.e. 2.6)
2015-03-23 horkanapretty print xml, and inlcude optional tags only when...
2015-03-22 horkanaavoid repetition, use more variables. expand help text.
2015-03-22 horkanaTODO and FIXME, done and fixed.
2015-03-22 horkanaChange to ISC License, with thanks to Martin Renold...
2015-03-01 horkanaadd name Alan Horkan
2015-03-01 horkanaadd layer modes: color; luminosity; hue; saturation;
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