2013-03-04 Hendrik SattlerFix: missing declaration of ssize_t on MSVC
2013-03-04 Hendrik SattlerFix: explicitely cast to long for struct timeval values
2013-03-04 Hendrik SattlerFix: use uint8_t* instead of void* when adding byte...
2013-03-04 Hendrik SattlerFix: MSVC compiler wants ssize_t and bool as typedefs
2013-03-03 Hendrik SattlerGenerate refernceinfo.xml
2013-03-03 Hendrik SattlerSplit openobex-apps.xml using XIncludes
2013-03-03 Hendrik SattlerWhitespace fixes
2013-03-03 Hendrik SattlerFix invalid use of free()
2013-03-03 Hendrik SattlerFix include dirs in build dir openobex-config.cmake
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerAdd missing return code checking
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerFix possible memory leaks
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerFix use of strncpy()
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerUse const string table instead of strdup()+modification
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerFix: add missing return code check
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerFix: rollback on error in OBEX_Request()
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerRemove value assigning to a no more used variable
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerFix return code of OBEX_HandleInput()
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerThrough away the result of optional setsockopt() calls
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerDon't check self->object
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerMake it clearer that free() is used
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerFix use of strncpy()
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerFix return code evaluation
2013-03-02 Hendrik SattlerConvert struct obex_usb_intf_transport_t to a single...
2013-02-24 Hendrik SattlerFix build warnings
2013-02-24 Hendrik SattlerFix definition of in_addr_t
2013-02-24 Tomas HozzaFix: RESOURCE_LEAK (CWE-404)
2013-02-24 Tomas HozzaFix: RESOURCE_LEAK (CWE-404)
2013-02-24 Tomas HozzaFix: RESOURCE_LEAK (CWE-404)
2013-02-24 Tomas HozzaFix: RESOURCE_LEAK (CWE-404)
2013-02-24 Tomas HozzaFix: NEGATIVE_RETURNS (CWE-394)
2013-02-24 Tomas HozzaFix: CHECKED_RETURN (CWE-252)
2013-02-24 Tomas HozzaFix: CHECKED_RETURN (CWE-252)
2013-02-23 Hendrik SattlerAdd new header file openobex/version.h
2013-02-23 Hendrik SattlerRemove left-over automake file
2013-02-22 Hendrik SattlerFix: limit each packet to at most one BODY/BODY_END...
2013-02-21 Hendrik SattlerFix update of cmake file install location on version...
2013-02-19 Hendrik SattlerFix return codes for OBEX_Request()
2013-02-17 Hendrik SattlerDynamically create header file for symbol export defini...
2013-02-17 Hendrik SattlerFix: remove markdown usage; OBEX_HandleInput -> OBEX_Work
2013-02-17 Hendrik SattlerStrip default settings
2013-02-17 Hendrik SattlerAdd function to determine current data direction for...
2013-02-17 Hendrik SattlerRestore older behaviour of OBEX_HandleInput() and add...
2013-02-10 Hendrik SattlerAlways call the tx prepare function when setting SUBSTA...
2013-02-10 Hendrik SattlerUse milliseconds in an int64_t for timeout value internally
2012-10-03 Hendrik SattlerFix memory leaks
2012-10-03 Hendrik SattlerForce correctness of integer headers when sending
2012-10-03 Hendrik SattlerAdd set_data() member for all obex_hdr
2012-09-02 Hendrik SattlerFix file transfer server->client with more than one...
2012-08-07 Hendrik SattlerFix receiving files as server
2012-08-01 Hendrik SattlerAvoid double-free of body header
2012-07-31 Hendrik SattlerSend 4-byte headers in network byte order
2012-07-31 Hendrik SattlerReturn BODY_END on last header part
2012-07-31 Hendrik SattlerUse bool instead of int
2012-07-28 Hendrik SattlerFix: do not delete object
2012-07-24 Iain Hibbertinclude <string.h> for memcpy()
2012-07-09 Hendrik SattlerFix wrong logic for TX I/O
2012-07-08 Hendrik SattlerMerge substates TX_INPROGRESS and TX_COMPLETE
2012-07-08 Hendrik SattlerChange return type of obex_msg_rx_status() to bool
2012-07-08 Hendrik SattlerMove buffer check to obex_msg
2012-07-08 Hendrik SattlerMove SRM zero check to obex_main
2012-07-08 Hendrik SattlerDon't send fatal errors with blocking behaviour
2012-07-08 Hendrik SattlerMake last argument of obex_deliver_event bool
2012-07-08 Hendrik SattlerDeclare boolean arguments as bool
2012-07-08 Hendrik SattlerChange substates and move common transmit code to obex_main
2012-07-08 Hendrik SattlerShare code for setting MTU
2012-07-08 Hendrik SattlerRename lib/obex.c to lib/api.c
2012-06-20 Hendrik SattlerMove some function implementations to obex_main.c
2012-06-19 Iain HibbertAdd missing $
2012-06-18 Hendrik SattlerExtend cmake installed config file
2012-06-15 Hendrik SattlerMove server/connected decision back to obex_main
2012-06-15 Hendrik SattlerRemove mtu attribute from obex_transport
2012-06-10 Hendrik SattlerRemove type member from obex_transport
2012-06-10 Hendrik SattlerRestrict transport calls to the value of connected...
2012-06-10 Hendrik SattlerRemove unnecessary includes and prototypes
2012-06-10 Hendrik SattlerChange transport functions return types
2012-06-10 Hendrik SattlerFix socket disconnect
2012-06-08 Hendrik SattlerAdd CMake export files
2012-06-07 Hendrik SattlerFix independent transport data allocation
2012-06-05 Hendrik SattlerReplace int by fd_t for file descriptors
2012-06-05 Hendrik SattlerConvert int return values to bool or result_t
2012-06-05 Hendrik SattlerUnify socket transports
2012-06-05 Hendrik SattlerUse defines.h for standard types
2012-05-13 Hendrik SattlerAllocate each transport data independently
2012-05-12 Hendrik SattlerRename states SEND and REC
2012-05-12 Hendrik SattlerFix buffered body reception
2012-05-12 Hendrik SattlerFix return codes
2012-05-11 Hendrik SattlerFix memory leaks
2012-05-11 Hendrik SattlerAdd missing calls to cleanup RX buffer
2012-05-11 Hendrik SattlerFix server events and object management
2012-05-11 Hendrik SattlerRemove autotools build files
2012-05-11 Hendrik SattlerRework msg creation/reception
2012-05-11 Hendrik SattlerSplit-off TX header post-processing
2012-05-11 Hendrik SattlerSimplify obex_hdr iterator
2012-05-11 Hendrik SattlerRemove obex_t argument from obex_object_finished()
2012-05-11 Hendrik SattlerRemove obex_t argument from obex_object_reparseheaders()
2012-05-11 Hendrik SattlerRemove obex_t argument from obex_object_getnextheader()
2012-05-11 Hendrik SattlerSplit obex_object_getspace()
2012-05-11 Hendrik SattlerMove body receiving functions
2012-04-21 Hendrik SattlerUse stricter typing for cmd and rsp
2012-04-19 Hendrik SattlerRename obex_objext_send_transmit() to obex_msg_transmit()