Fail better when assigning to model$objective
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2009-07-01 skennydemo needs to be updated to run with newer code, removi...
2009-07-01 skennydemo needs to be updated to run with newer code, removi...
2009-07-01 skennyobsolete
2009-07-01 skennyupdated to use newer model specifications
2009-05-19 skennyno longer needed
2009-05-19 skennyuses new optimizer, generates and runs single model...
2009-05-19 skennymapper no-longer needed, models are generated and proce...
2009-05-19 skennythis has been rewritten in R using the new optimizer
2009-05-02 mspiegelMerging model type implementation into the trunk.
2009-04-14 mspiegelRenamed 'specification' slot of mxMatrices to 'spec'.
2009-04-09 skennyformatting
2009-04-09 skennyprototype for languation study
2009-04-01 mspiegelRenaming mxJobRun() to mxRun().
2009-02-11 skennygetting started
2009-02-11 skennydir where swift can find R processing scripts
2009-02-11 skennyremoved reference to path on RANGER
2009-02-11 skennysimple wrapper for R that sets the environment before...
2009-02-11 skennycatalog of apps that can be called by swift, this is...
2009-02-11 skennya sites file for running on a localhost with multiple...
2009-02-11 skennyexecutes swift from within R
2009-02-11 skennyswift script reads a directory of models and processes...
2009-01-07 skennydoes not generate models with negatve deg of freedom...
2008-11-14 skennyfixed memory bug for output filenames
2008-10-23 skennywrites out data for only 1 model based on perm number
2008-10-23 skennygenerates a single model based on the provided permutat...
2008-10-23 skennyedit in notes
2008-10-23 skennygenerates and runs models
2008-10-23 skennyno longer using pre-generated models
2008-10-03 skennycorrected output filename
2008-10-02 skennywrites out only the specified permutation
2008-08-14 skennyfixed fact
2008-08-14 skennysimple script for generating models using mxModelgen...
2008-08-14 skennycalculates total permutations to map outputs
2008-08-12 skennygenerate s and a files for objects
2008-08-12 skennysetting params for A and S
2008-08-07 skennynot passing weight arg to perm
2008-08-06 skennymap model objects for swift script output from mxmodelgen
2008-08-06 skennyincorporates new S matrices into model objects
2008-08-06 skennygenerate symmetric and asymmetric matrices separately
2008-07-23 skennygenerate files for mxmodelgen
2008-07-20 skennyedit comments
2008-07-20 skennyedit comments
2008-07-20 skennyR wrapper for calling swift-openmx model processes
2008-07-09 skennydirectory for parallel workflow code