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last changeFri, 10 May 2013 14:12:47 +0000 (14:12 +0000)
2013-05-10 jpritikinFail better when assigning to model$objective master
2013-05-06 mhunterFixed data sorting problem in state space models with...
2013-05-02 jpritikinDocument buildbot configuration
2013-05-01 jpritikinQuiet annoying PPML warning
2013-04-26 mhunterModifications to passing models and PPML to eliminate...
2013-04-26 mhunterMaking progressing implementing LISREL paths, i.e....
2013-04-24 mhunterThis should fix the state space example error. I repli...
2013-04-24 mhunterChanged state space example to use TRUE/FALSE etc inste...
2013-04-24 mhunterMade a note to users in the bivariate saturated files...
2013-04-21 jpritikinImprove omxData API
2013-04-19 jpritikinSimplify layout of omxData
2013-04-19 jpritikinRemove unused fields from omxData
2013-04-19 jpritikinSimplify omxData API
2013-04-19 jpritikinAllocate omxData with Calloc
2013-04-19 jpritikinSimplify management of omxData.type
2013-04-19 mhunterMissed one of the errors in bivariate saturated models...
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