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2013-04-17 jpritikinPrep for C++ compilation
2013-03-23 jpritikinNo need to install rox, move it to dev-only dir
2013-03-16 jpritikinRemove cut & pasted deadcode from MxLISRELModel.R
2013-03-03 jpritikinRun gctorture within gdb so we can get a stack trace
2013-03-01 jpritikinSelect a few tests for gctorture
2013-02-25 jpritikinOutput test runtimes to CSV instead of to console
2013-02-24 jpritikinReturn exit status properly
2013-02-24 jpritikinMerge testNightly with testModels
2013-01-18 jpritikinMove script out of the Makefile to avoid quoting clashes
2013-01-18 jpritikinCope with old versions of subversion
2013-01-04 jpritikinAdd 'make torture' for gctorture
2013-01-01 jpritikinShow warnings after running tests, by default
2012-12-19 jpritikinTidy SymbolTable
2012-11-25 mspiegelMerging the FitExpectation branch into the trunk.
2012-11-19 mspiegelMerging r2174 and r2175 into FitExpectation branch.
2012-11-16 mspiegelAdding support for x86_64 gcc4.7
2012-10-22 mspiegelAdding support for x86 (32-bit) gcc4.7 on linux.
2012-10-11 jpritikinCope with building outside of subversion
2012-08-27 mspiegelSome performance improvements to omxParallelCI() and
2012-05-10 mspiegelAdding make test "memorytest2"
2012-03-22 mspiegelBugfix to testNightlyPPML
2012-03-22 mspiegelAdded "make test nightlyPPML" target
2012-02-27 mspiegelImprovements to regression testing script.
2012-02-23 mspiegelFixes to regression testing script.
2012-02-18 mspiegelFixes to regression testing script
2012-02-18 mspiegelInitial commit of regression testing script.
2012-02-13 mspiegelFormatting changes to CITATION file.
2012-02-13 mspiegelUpdating citation files to include OpenMx user guide.
2011-11-09 mspiegel(i) Updating Makefile to use OPENMP=[TRUE|FALSE] argument
2011-10-23 mspiegelCopying libnpsol.a to gcc4.5 and gcc4.6 directories...
2011-09-14 mspiegelCopying libnpsol.a from gcc4.5 into gcc4.6 directory
2011-06-30 mspiegelPreparing for 32-bit/64-bit windows compilations (maybe)
2011-06-24 mspiegelUpdating CITATION file
2011-06-07 mspiegelFixing a bug introduced by previous patch to omxParalle...
2011-04-23 mspiegelThird attempt at fixing omxSymbolTable compression
2011-04-22 mspiegelExplicitly compressing so R 2.13...
2011-01-16 mspiegelSome changes to improve the build cycle.
2010-12-15 mspiegelAdding optional arguments CPUS=n to "make test" target
2010-10-29 mspiegelReverting libnpsol to earlier version
2010-10-28 mwildeAdd 2.12 version of 32 bit npsol dll.
2010-10-24 mwildeInitial revision of 64 bit windows libnpsol
2010-10-18 mspiegelPreparing for x86_64 on windows
2010-09-03 mspiegelAdded dummyFunctions.R that includes functions outside...
2010-08-05 mspiegelChecking in 64-bit npsol for gcc 4.1
2010-07-09 mspiegelInitial commit of CITATION file.
2010-07-09 mspiegelFixing bugs found from 'make testdocs'
2010-06-05 mspiegelAdding nightly tests.
2010-03-17 mspiegeladded directory to repository for nightly tests ("make...
2010-03-14 mspiegelMore corrections to documentation.
2010-03-13 mspiegelMore corrections to documentation
2010-03-13 mspiegelMore bugfixes to documentation
2010-03-13 mspiegelSphinx to R document generator, and error fixes.
2010-02-17 mspiegelstderr now appears during test suite
2009-11-30 mspiegelUpdating Ubuntu 9.10 x86_64 npsol binary.
2009-11-30 mspiegelUpdating Ubuntu 9.10 x86_64 npsol binary.
2009-11-21 mspiegelFixed i386 library inside 3-way universal binary for...
2009-11-20 sbokerTriple-fat npsol binary: PPC, i386 and 64 bit x86_64
2009-11-20 mspiegelRolling back to r974.
2009-11-20 mspiegelPartial support for x86_64 on OS X platform (not finished)
2009-11-06 mspiegelFixed precedence of "|" and "_" in Mx 1.0 parser. Elimi...
2009-11-04 mspiegelAllowing windows build for R 2.10.x series.
2009-10-23 mspiegel(TortoiseSVN did not add the files)
2009-10-14 mspiegelSmall fixed to Mx 1.0 parser
2009-10-14 mspiegelEliminate CR line endings
2009-10-12 mspiegelBasic Mx 1.0 parser
2009-10-12 mspiegelSetting executable property on
2009-10-02 mspiegelmx 1.0 algebra parser added parenthesis for unary minus...
2009-10-02 mspiegelmx 1.0 algebra parser added explicit parenthesis
2009-10-01 mspiegelSetting native eol-style line endings for python script
2009-10-01 mspiegelSetting executable bit on
2009-10-01 mspiegelmx 1.0 algebra parser works from command-line
2009-10-01 mspiegelEliminated ANTLR algebra parser and added ply algebra...
2009-10-01 mspiegelAttempting to parse algebra expressions using simpler...
2009-09-29 mspiegelA working parser for mx 1.0 algebra expressions (no...
2009-09-29 mspiegelInitial commit of antlr grammer for Mx algebra expressions
2009-09-25 mspiegelChecking in libnpsol.a for linux x64_64 on gcc 4.2...
2009-09-16 mspiegelAdded make rproftest target
2009-08-20 mspiegelOne character change so Mx parser works in presence...
2009-08-20 mspiegelMx parser is now parsing commands one at a time, just...
2009-08-19 mspiegelNow parsing "Start" and "Value" except for "TO" instruc...
2009-08-19 mspiegelmxParser supports "Specify" instruction
2009-08-18 mspiegelMore work on the Mx parser.
2009-08-18 mspiegelStarting the Mx parser
2009-08-17 mspiegelAdded "make memorytest" target (valgrind must be installed)
2009-08-17 mspiegelChecking in a universal binary for libnpsol on OS X
2009-07-29 mspiegelRemoved unused "env" argument and cleanup of make test...
2009-07-29 mspiegelAdded a hack such that each test runs in clean environment
2009-07-29 mspiegelAlmost working "make test"
2009-07-28 mspiegelAdded an error check on RAM objective function and...
2009-07-28 mspiegelChecking in the new version of NPSOL for OS X as compil...
2009-07-26 mspiegelAdded patch for means vector in converting RAM to FIML...
2009-07-25 mspiegelMoving models that use mx to the models/passing directory.
2009-07-24 mspiegelChanged testing script to run in local directory of...
2009-07-11 mspiegelAdded verbose output for unit tests on success.
2009-07-09 mspiegelThe OpenMx binary is not a zip file on OS X platforms.
2009-07-09 mspiegelOpenMxInstaller.R now works on windows and OS X.
2009-07-09 mspiegelUpdated Makefile and added R script Windows installer.
2009-06-16 mspiegelFixed testModels.R to work with Windows.
2009-06-16 skennyworks on vista
2009-06-09 skennyadded a new arch-gcc combo