2014-09-23 Joshua Nathaniel... Partition into 4 datasets middle
2014-09-23 Joshua Nathaniel... Finds the MLE
2014-09-23 Joshua Nathaniel... Dev
2014-09-22 tbatesminor clarifications and layout in Rd file for multigro...
2014-09-20 jpritikinUpdate changes
2014-09-19 rkirkpatrickReturn SEs as "not requested" strings when argument...
2014-09-19 jpritikinCope with observed data matrix with no NAs
2014-09-19 jpritikinMention fomulation of IFA independence model
2014-09-19 jpritikinIgnore rm error in doc build
2014-09-19 jpritikinDrop support for non-double matrices
2014-09-19 mhunterRe-alias omxSaturatedModel man page
2014-09-19 mhunterAdd saturated model documentation. Add to and modify...
2014-09-19 mzaheryCSOLNP: memory issue and reporting starting values...
2014-09-19 mhunterAdd constraint for saturated ordinal models with binary...
2014-09-17 jpritikinRemove deadcode from 2009
2014-09-15 jpritikin(Re?)enable parallel processing for confidence intervals
2014-09-13 jpritikinGrab Eigen from RcppEigen
2014-09-12 mhunterAdd ordinal ML/WLS test with both model identifications
2014-09-12 jpritikinFor saturated type=cov model, set TLI=1 and RMSEA=0
2014-09-11 jpritikinAdd internal API omxNewInternalFitFunction
2014-09-11 jpritikinAdd omxChangeFitType
2014-09-10 jpritikinRecompute thresholds (when provided)
2014-09-09 mhunterModified debugging in WLS
2014-09-08 jpritikinRewrite algebra/fitfunction lookup in MxFitFunctionMult...
2014-09-08 jpritikinRestore commented part of test
2014-09-06 rkirkpatrickChanged mxTryHard()'s "objective function" references...
2014-09-05 jpritikinDowngrade check of algebra dimnames to a warning for...
2014-09-05 rkirkpatrickEdit 'make clean' to also remove src/*.dll (Windows...
2014-09-05 rkirkpatrickAdd mxTryHard() and its man page.
2014-09-05 jpritikinAdd check for data type of algebra dimnames
2014-09-05 mzaheryCSOLNP: removed in addition warning message
2014-09-05 jpritikinDeadcode
2014-09-05 jpritikinRestore the ability to compile without NLOPT
2014-09-05 mzaheryNLOPT: Updated
2014-09-05 tbrickImplemented smarter tab-completion for MxObjects.
2014-09-04 jpritikinMake the global freeGroup vector private
2014-09-04 jpritikinUpdate SE study for relative tolerance
2014-09-04 jpritikinSE simulation studies
2014-09-04 jpritikinNeed to import parallel per cran rules
2014-09-03 mnealeEdited threshnames error message
2014-09-03 jpritikinDepend on package parallel (in R core since 2.14)
2014-09-03 jpritikinRevert "Avoid SEGV if an ordinal column does not have...
2014-09-03 jpritikinCheck threshnames for duplicates
2014-09-02 jpritikinAvoid SEGV if an ordinal column does not have a thresho...
2014-09-02 jpritikinStore omxThresholdColumn in a std::vector
2014-09-02 jpritikinFix indent (whitespace only)
2014-08-29 jpritikinAdd more build ignores
2014-08-29 jpritikinClean old builds before we do cran-build
2014-08-29 mzaheryLAD--CheckCode6.R moved to models/passing
2014-08-29 mzaheryCSOLNP: status code report corrected
2014-08-28 jpritikinChange the 'running xxxmodel' output from mxRun to...
2014-08-27 mhunterToggle silent= back to FALSE as preference for running...
2014-08-27 mhunterAdd multilevel model example in state space form. ...
2014-08-27 mhunterAdd Bollen data from sem package to OpenMx.
2014-08-25 jpritikinReport optimizer in summary for default compute plan
2014-08-25 jpritikinRename nullModels -> refModels per dev discussion
2014-08-22 rkirkpatrickAdd column of raw SEs to output of mxStandardizeRAMpath...
2014-08-20 mhunterFix 'unknown macro '\t'' warning I was getting from...
2014-08-20 tbatesorder tables, add Threads, reword for clarity
2014-08-20 mhunterDocument Number of Threads option.
2014-08-20 mhunterModify .svnignore files. WLS branch and trunk changes...
2014-08-19 mhunterInclude numObs in data for mxNullModels
2014-08-19 mhunterFirst draft of mxDataWLS
2014-08-18 mzaheryCSOLNP: some bugs are solved
2014-08-18 mnealeFixed documentation for reading checkpoint file via...
2014-08-18 jpritikinRun roxygen prior to building docs
2014-08-18 jpritikinPermit BA81 mean & variance specified with algebras
2014-08-18 jpritikinRename omxSaturatedModel to mxNullModels per dev discussion
2014-08-18 jpritikinFixup doc build
2014-08-18 jpritikinIncorporate doc feedback from Tim Brick
2014-08-18 jpritikinCheck whether we recover the parameters
2014-08-18 jpritikinImprove error messages
2014-08-16 jpritikinRemove deadcode
2014-08-16 jpritikinRefuse to clear model slots by assignment to NULL and...
2014-08-16 jpritikinRemove minItemsPerScore option
2014-08-16 jpritikinDo a slightly better job with 'make clean'
2014-08-15 mhunterFix state space in FIML joint.
2014-08-15 jpritikinSwitch default optimizer back to CSOLNP
2014-08-11 mhunterRemove some commented out code from Summary.
2014-08-11 mhunterMade MxSummary have prettier printing of Chi-Square...
2014-08-11 jpritikinCheck for null infoDefinite in summary
2014-08-11 jpritikinExtinguish globalState
2014-08-11 jpritikinRemove cut & paste code duplication
2014-08-11 jpritikinPermit compilation without NLOPT
2014-08-11 mzaheryNLOPT and Simulated annealing added
2014-08-09 jpritikinReport condition number when standard erorrs are enabled
2014-08-08 jpritikinImprove destruction order
2014-08-08 jpritikinMerge OMX_VERBOSE to OMX_DEBUG
2014-08-08 jpritikinSimplify copyParamToModel API
2014-08-08 jpritikinRemove deprecated naAction arg
2014-08-08 jpritikinMove childList from omxState to FitContext
2014-08-08 jpritikinTrack whether a model has been run for submodels
2014-08-08 mhunterRemoved dredded paste0 calls. They prevent otherwise...
2014-08-08 mhunterModify FIML Single Iteration Joint to accomodate State...
2014-08-07 jpritikinDistinguish between stale models and models which has...
2014-08-07 jpritikinImprove reporting of CIs for non-free parameters
2014-08-07 jpritikinAdd more tests for fit statistics
2014-08-07 jpritikinSync ba81quad
2014-08-07 jpritikinRemove as.IFAgroup (now in the RPF package)
2014-08-07 jpritikinIgnore request for CIs if the label exists and is not...