Stop Roxygen from making Rd file for non-exported function
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2015-02-05 tbrickRe-added omxConstrainThresholds.R to
2015-02-05 jpritikinRevert "Added omxConstrainThresholds.R to the DESCRIPTI...
2015-02-04 tbrickAdded omxConstrainThresholds.R to the DESCRIPTION list...
2015-02-04 mhunterAdd Matrix package to Suggests
2015-01-13 rkirkpatrickMinimal, rough implementation of GREML.
2014-10-11 tbatesadding link to license file (req by cran check)
2014-09-13 jpritikinGrab Eigen from RcppEigen
2014-09-03 jpritikinDepend on package parallel (in R core since 2.14)
2014-08-19 mhunterFirst draft of mxDataWLS
2014-08-18 jpritikinFixup doc build
2014-07-27 jpritikinHide non-estimable parameters when factors=0
2014-07-02 jpritikinRefactor code to remove EAP scores; use RPF instead
2014-06-20 jpritikinPass version=1 to rpf.rparam
2014-06-09 jpritikinConvert to unix line endings
2014-06-05 jpritikinUse 2.0.0 instead of 999.0.0
2014-05-20 rkirkpatrickUpdates to DESCRIPTION file: make date current, add...
2014-04-03 jpritikinFix breakage in IFA tests from @->$ replacement
2014-04-01 jpritikinRestore SVN# in version