Stop Roxygen from making Rd file for non-exported function
[openmx:openmx.git] / .Rbuildignore-cran
2015-02-07 jpritikinExclude from tarball
2015-02-07 jpritikinPut a cap on the growth of cran-check diagnostics
2014-09-26 jpritikinExclude more intermediate build files from build tarballs
2014-08-29 jpritikinAdd more build ignores
2014-05-31 jpritikinDocument how to remove a Rd file from roxygen2 control
2014-05-31 jpritikinAdd more ignores
2014-03-12 jpritikinAnchor regex at beginning of path
2013-10-03 jpritikinFix windows to build with/without NPSOL
2013-08-11 jpritikinIgnore cachegrind logs
2013-07-18 jpritikinMinimize calls to omx_absolute_thread_num()
2013-06-21 jpritikinSet up a build rule for installing without NPSOL