Allow expectations to suppress data sorting
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2011-08-22 restabrookAdded chapters for ordinal, both path and matrix
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2011-02-27 mspiegelUpdated BootstrapParallel.R demo to use mxData()
2011-02-22 mspiegelAdding (2) kinds of error checking to RAM and ML object...
2011-01-15 mspiegelRenaming majority of omx* functions to imx* functions...
2010-11-11 restabrookFixed formatting error in GrowthMixtureModel_Path.rst
2010-10-20 restabrookUpdated GMM demos
2010-10-01 mspiegelChange version number to '999' in the OpenMx trunk
2010-10-01 mspiegel1.0.0 binary release
2010-09-27 mspiegelBinary release 0.9.2
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2010-09-23 mspiegelFixing typos in documentation.
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2010-09-08 hmaesupdated rst
2010-09-08 hmaesmissing graph
2010-09-07 hmaestry again
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2010-09-03 mspiegelAdded dummyFunctions.R that includes functions outside...
2010-09-03 mspiegelFixing bugs in documentation so that scripts will execute.
2010-09-03 mspiegelFixing typos in documentation.
2010-09-03 hmaesordinal
2010-07-30 mspiegelSmall change to "file checkpointing" user guide.
2010-07-25 mspiegelCorrect covariance of x and z
2010-07-09 mspiegelBinary release 0.4.0-1313
2010-07-09 mspiegelFixing bugs found from 'make testdocs'
2010-07-09 mspiegelFixing bugs from make check and make testdocs
2010-07-09 mspiegeldos2unix on Multicore_Execution.rst
2010-07-05 mspiegelAdded a section in the user guide on snowfall parallelism.
2010-07-01 mspiegelAdding user guide section of file checkpointing.
2010-05-24 mspiegelBugfixes! Binary release 0.3.3
2010-05-22 mspiegelIncrement version number to 0.3.2
2010-05-12 mspiegelAdded 'newlabels' argument to omxSetParameters() function
2010-04-20 mspiegelIncrement the version number to 0.3.0.
2010-03-22 mspiegelNew mxConstraint() interface implementation
2010-03-14 mspiegelIncrement version counter to 0.2.10-1172
2010-03-14 mspiegelWhitespace changes in documentation file.
2010-03-14 mspiegelMore corrections to documentation.
2010-03-14 mspiegelMore corrections to documentation.
2010-03-13 mspiegelMore bugfixes.
2010-03-13 mspiegelMore corrections to documentation
2010-03-13 mspiegelMore bugfixes to documentation
2010-03-13 mspiegelSphinx to R document generator, and error fixes.
2010-03-12 mspiegelFix documentatioin + demo errors brought to our attenti...
2010-03-11 mspiegelStarted work on an "OpenMx style guide" section to...
2010-03-06 mspiegelforbidden characters "+-!~?:*/^%<>=&|$"
2010-02-23 mspiegelURL correction (already fixed on website)
2010-02-23 mspiegelIncrement version number to 0.2.6-1114
2010-02-23 mspiegelAdded copyright information to test suite models
2010-02-23 hmaesupdates
2010-01-22 mspiegelIncrement version counter to 0.2.5-1050
2010-01-15 mspiegelIncrementing the version number
2009-12-06 tbatesadded image:: of model with means, and text description
2009-12-04 mspiegelUpdating version number to 0.2.3-1006
2009-11-29 mspiegelAdded ABOBloodGroups to table of contents in documentation.
2009-11-29 tbatesAdded .png (and graffle source) for a univariate model...
2009-11-26 mnealeAdding ABOBloodGroups.rst
2009-10-29 mspiegelFollowing checklist for 0.2.2-951 release
2009-10-29 mspiegelFixing cross-references in sphinx documentation
2009-10-16 mspiegelFixing
2009-10-11 mspiegelFixing bug
2009-10-10 mspiegelIncremented version number to 0.2.1 to sync demos and...
2009-10-10 mspiegelSet image heights in a format (inches) that is recogniz...