2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Switch to stan stan
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Show how to compute fit only
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Fix API
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Remove deadcode
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Working
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... snap
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Simplify
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Tidy includes
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... rm boost
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Simplify more
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Remove prob_grad
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Simplfiy
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Tidy
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Tidy more
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Simplify
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Simplfiy
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Simplfiy
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... simplify
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Basic stuff working
2015-01-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Add EigenMatrixAdaptor
2015-01-07 jpritikinDeadcode
2015-01-07 jpritikinUse 'int' for Eigen rows and columns
2015-01-07 jpritikinAdd omxEnsureColumnMajor API
2015-01-07 jpritikinRemove '#define EPSILON'; clashes with stan headers
2015-01-07 jpritikinPrevent Varadhan2008 from failing near convergence
2015-01-07 jpritikinThrow error on attempt to invert incomplete Hessian
2014-12-19 jpritikinCSOLNP: Correct exclusion of inequality constraints...
2014-12-18 jpritikinRemove unused variable
2014-12-18 jpritikinWhen checkpointing fit, record who requested it
2014-12-18 jpritikinAllow test to run on both optimizers
2014-12-18 jpritikinAdd CIs to continuous time model
2014-12-18 jpritikinAdd some omxCheckCloseEnough
2014-12-18 jpritikinDeadcode removal
2014-12-18 jpritikinRestore parallel processing for CIs
2014-12-18 jpritikinAdd a checkpoint entry for each CI attempt
2014-12-18 jpritikinAdd "Checkpoint Fullpath" to override output destination
2014-12-18 jpritikinMake mxOption(model, val) return the global setting...
2014-12-18 jpritikinMove to failing
2014-12-18 mhunterAdd WLS standard error and chi-square functions
2014-12-18 jpritikinConsolidate starting value nudging logic in ComputeGD
2014-12-18 jpritikinTry harder to keep CIs ordered properly vs estimate
2014-12-17 mhunterAdd copyright to Multilevel example
2014-12-17 mhunterAdd check for model identification checking function
2014-12-17 mhunterAnother typo fix in previous commit
2014-12-17 mhunterTypo fix in previous commit
2014-12-17 mhunterAdd partial identification information to ID check...
2014-12-17 jpritikinCSOLNP: Avoid reuse of obm for more than 1 purpose
2014-12-17 jpritikinCSOLNP: Simplify CI calculation
2014-12-17 jpritikinCSOLNP: Tidy optimizer reporting
2014-12-17 jpritikinRelax tolerance
2014-12-17 jpritikinCSOLNP: Count the number of major iterations
2014-12-16 jpritikinAdd Makefile rule to run the failing tests
2014-12-16 jpritikinCSOLNP: Return stuff via CSOLNPFit; isolate Matrix...
2014-12-16 jpritikinCSOLNP: Remove some redundent information
2014-12-16 jpritikinRemove template argument from CSOLNP::solnp
2014-12-16 jpritikinStore equality & inequality results in CSOLNPFit
2014-12-16 yangReduce variable lifetime
2014-12-16 jpritikinTidy some minor valgrind issues
2014-12-16 jpritikinRemove q() from test
2014-12-16 jpritikinMove nightly test to passing
2014-12-16 jpritikinCSOLNP: Convert control param to Eigen vector
2014-12-16 jpritikinCSOLNP: Move bounds to CSOLNPFit; remove lots of deadcode
2014-12-15 jpritikinCSOLNP: Move inequality bounds to CSOLNPFit
2014-12-15 jpritikinCSOLNP: Remove Matrix arg from CSOLNPFit::solFun
2014-12-15 jpritikinCSOLNP: Remove GLOB_ prefix since variables are no...
2014-12-15 jpritikinCSOLNP: Eliminate more globals
2014-12-15 jpritikinCSOLNP: Continue refactoring API
2014-12-15 jpritikinCSOLNP: Pass parameter vector using Eigen
2014-12-15 jpritikinCSOLNP: Rewrite omxProcessConstraintsCsolnp in Eigen
2014-12-15 jpritikinDocument constraint types better (in source code)
2014-12-15 jpritikinCSOLNP: Don't bother creating the unused solEqB matrix
2014-12-15 jpritikinCSOLNP: Eliminate reliance on all-zero solEqB
2014-12-15 jpritikinConstraints bounds are determined by the type
2014-12-15 jpritikinMake it easier to run tests
2014-12-15 jpritikinSimplify setup of constraints
2014-12-15 jpritikinCSOLNP: Put in temporary fix for conformability of...
2014-12-15 jpritikinCSOLNP: Fix some problems revealed by Eigen conformabil...
2014-12-15 jpritikinRework calculation of compiler args; add IMX_SAFE switch
2014-12-13 jpritikinAdd test for omxGetParameters
2014-12-13 jpritikinSwitch default optimizer back to CSOLNP
2014-12-13 jpritikinomxGetParameters: Omit duplicated parameters even when...
2014-12-12 rkirkpatrickTidy up MxMatrix-related error and warning messages...
2014-12-11 jpritikinBA81: Need to fail hard
2014-12-10 jpritikinBA81: Prohibit all NA rows
2014-12-10 rkirkpatrickSmall but important MxMatrix-related adjustments.
2014-12-07 mhunterAdd Jacobian-based model identification check.
2014-12-06 mhunterAdded method for getting cov, means, and thresh from...
2014-12-06 mhunterAdded method for getting cov, means, and thresh from...
2014-12-06 mhunterAdded generic for getting expected covariance, means...
2014-12-05 mhunterSmall test for LISREL type, to be expanded as LISREL...
2014-12-05 mhunterLISREL model initialization.
2014-12-05 rkirkpatrickBetter MxMatrix verification to catch at runtime a...
2014-12-05 rkirkpatrickConditionally "condense" the 'labels', 'free', 'lbound...
2014-12-05 jpritikinCSOLNP: Convert ind to Eigen; make easier to understand
2014-12-05 jpritikinEnable ubsan for gcc 4.9+
2014-12-05 jpritikinMake gcc happier
2014-12-05 jpritikinCSOLNP: Remove more deadcode
2014-12-05 jpritikinAvoid reuse of condif[123]
2014-12-05 tbatestest if OpenMx disorders thresholds
2014-12-05 jpritikinCSOLNP: Remove bounds check; all Eigen ops are already...