2013-06-10 Joshua Nathaniel... Snapshot homer
2013-06-10 Joshua Nathaniel... Ignore extra algebras, for now
2013-06-10 Joshua Nathaniel... Move processing of mxData keys
2013-06-10 Joshua Nathaniel... "only data" RAM expectation [DO NOT MERGE]
2013-06-10 Joshua Nathaniel... Store foreignKeys in std::vector
2013-06-10 Joshua Nathaniel... 1 level flattening working
2013-06-10 Joshua Nathaniel... Store freeVar deps in a std::vector (maybe unnecessary)
2013-06-10 Joshua Nathaniel... Add omxGetFitOfExpectation
2013-06-10 Joshua Nathaniel... Fix inverted matrixNumber in omxMultigroupAdd
2013-06-10 jpritikinReorder matrix name processing
2013-06-10 jpritikinDump matrices using valid R syntax
2013-06-10 jpritikinZero mxData location index so set values are easy to see
2013-06-10 jpritikinLeave fitType alone
2013-06-10 jpritikinStore expectationList in std::vector
2013-06-10 jpritikinSplit fit function initialization similar to expectations
2013-06-10 jpritikinMxFitFunctionMultigroup
2013-06-10 jpritikinStore algebraList in std::vector
2013-06-09 jpritikinAdd some ignores
2013-06-09 jpritikinDocument potential code cleanup plan
2013-06-09 jpritikinStore dataList in std::vector
2013-06-09 jpritikinInitialize fit functions after expectations
2013-06-09 jpritikinAll style guides recommend against "using namespace...
2013-06-09 jpritikinStore matrixList as a std::vector
2013-06-09 jpritikinStore freeVar locations in a std::vector
2013-06-08 jpritikinProtect R against C++ exceptions
2013-06-08 jpritikinSwitch to C++
2013-06-08 jpritikinFix a few minor signedness warnings
2013-06-08 jpritikinRemove unimplemented OMX_SOCKET_CHECKPOINT
2013-06-07 jpritikinAdd CRAN prep script
2013-05-10 jpritikinFail better when assigning to model$objective
2013-05-06 mhunterFixed data sorting problem in state space models with...
2013-05-02 jpritikinDocument buildbot configuration
2013-05-01 jpritikinQuiet annoying PPML warning
2013-04-26 mhunterModifications to passing models and PPML to eliminate...
2013-04-26 mhunterMaking progressing implementing LISREL paths, i.e....
2013-04-24 mhunterThis should fix the state space example error. I repli...
2013-04-24 mhunterChanged state space example to use TRUE/FALSE etc inste...
2013-04-24 mhunterMade a note to users in the bivariate saturated files...
2013-04-21 jpritikinImprove omxData API
2013-04-19 jpritikinSimplify layout of omxData
2013-04-19 jpritikinRemove unused fields from omxData
2013-04-19 jpritikinSimplify omxData API
2013-04-19 jpritikinAllocate omxData with Calloc
2013-04-19 jpritikinSimplify management of omxData.type
2013-04-19 mhunterMissed one of the errors in bivariate saturated models...
2013-04-19 mhunter(Hopefully) fixed the error with the numerous bivariate...
2013-04-17 jpritikinPrep for C++ (part 2)
2013-04-17 jpritikinPrep for C++ compilation
2013-04-17 jpritikinAdd userdata argument for sort helper (like qsort_r)
2013-04-16 jpritikinExpectations only need 1 name
2013-04-16 mnealeFixed maximum number of dimensions bug so that only...
2013-04-13 jpritikinAdd API for internal expectations; remove redundent...
2013-04-13 jpritikinOMX_STATIC_ARRAY_SIZE
2013-04-13 jpritikinRemove omxInitEmptyExpectation; switch to C allocator
2013-04-13 jpritikinC-side support for submodels
2013-04-13 jpritikinAdd OMXZERO macro
2013-04-12 jpritikinMove failing tests to failing directory
2013-04-12 jpritikinAdd deps on MASS and mvtnorm
2013-04-05 jpritikinRemove lots of UNPROTECTs
2013-04-05 jpritikinRefactor allocation of omxAlgebra.args
2013-04-05 jpritikinFinal returns ought to support matrices (?)
2013-04-05 jpritikinAvoid initial useless fit computation
2013-04-05 jpritikinRefrain from duplicating the model unless required...
2013-04-05 jpritikinStore the associated R SEXP in omxMatrix instead of...
2013-04-05 jpritikinDeadcode removal
2013-04-05 jpritikinAutomatically balance PROTECT/UNPROTECT
2013-04-05 jpritikinReorder initialization so free parameters are available...
2013-04-05 jpritikinInitialize freeVarList and numFreeParam together
2013-04-05 jpritikinRename omxNewMatrixFromMxIndex to omxMatrixLookupFromState1
2013-04-05 jpritikinRename omxNewDataFromMxDataPtr to omxDataLookupFromState
2013-04-04 jpritikinMxBaseExpectation submodels and container needs to...
2013-04-04 jpritikinAdd missing mvtnorm dependency
2013-03-30 jpritikinRename omxNewMatrixFromIndexSlot to omxNewMatrixFromSlot
2013-03-30 jpritikinRemove deadcode
2013-03-30 jpritikinTeach MxExpectation to store its relationship in the...
2013-03-30 jpritikinRemove @info from MxBaseExpectation (it moved to MxBase...
2013-03-30 jpritikinNote license terms on code copied from R
2013-03-29 jpritikinTidy fitMatrix setup
2013-03-28 jpritikinReindent, whitespace only
2013-03-27 jpritikinUse consistent function names
2013-03-26 jpritikinFix broken error message & add test
2013-03-26 jpritikinAdd default A,S,F matrix names for mxExpectationRAM
2013-03-26 jpritikinRemove orphaned, no-longer-accurate comment
2013-03-26 jpritikinRemove unreachable code (& comment)
2013-03-26 jpritikinReindent, whitespace only
2013-03-23 jpritikinProcess submodels concurrently with manifest & latent...
2013-03-23 jpritikinNo longer need to evaluate
2013-03-23 jpritikinSimplify error reporting of unrecognized arguments...
2013-03-23 jpritikinNo need to install rox, move it to dev-only dir
2013-03-23 jpritikinCentralize definitions of generic class unions
2013-03-23 mhunterAdd preliminary helper functions for calculating weight...
2013-03-16 jpritikinFactor out interpretation of mxPath's connect argument
2013-03-16 jpritikinMark MxLISRELModel as wholely unimplemented
2013-03-16 jpritikinRemove cut & pasted deadcode from MxLISRELModel.R
2013-03-16 jpritikinRemove debug code
2013-03-15 jpritikinAutomatically set up source directory for gdb
2013-03-15 jpritikinImprove encapsulation and remove deadcode
2013-03-15 jpritikinRename omxFastRAMInverse and move to omxMatrix
2013-03-15 jpritikinRemove commented PPML code from LISRELExpectation
2013-03-15 jpritikinReindent, whitespace only change