Confidence interval reorganization (part 1.2)
[openmx:openmx.git] / NAMESPACE
2015-01-16 jpritikinRepair package dependencies
2014-11-04 jpritikinImport .DollarNames from utils
2014-11-03 jpritikinRename GetSlotDisplayNames to avoid explicit export...
2014-11-03 jpritikinImport utils for .DollarNames
2014-10-25 jpritikinTry again to fix arguments of .DollarNames
2014-10-24 jpritikinImport methods
2014-10-15 rkirkpatrick"p2z" is a less misleading name than "qnorm".
2014-09-05 tbrickImplemented smarter tab-completion for MxObjects.
2014-09-04 jpritikinNeed to import parallel per cran rules
2014-08-07 jpritikinRemove as.IFAgroup (now in the RPF package)
2014-07-27 jpritikinAdd as.IFAgroup to encapsulate a model in an RPF friend...
2014-07-26 jpritikinSwitch to more accurate matrix log/exp
2014-06-27 jpritikinAdd matrix logarithm algebra operator
2014-04-28 jpritikinlogLik for mxModel (contributed by Andreas Brandmaier)
2014-04-16 jpritikinRevert Tim Bates' disasterous manual changes (pls try...
2014-04-14 tbatesseveral Rd files now built with roxygen
2012-10-24 mhunterAdded vech2full and vechs2full mxAlgebras: inverses...
2012-03-22 mspiegelEliminating any references to the R function cholesky(),
2012-03-22 mnealeAdded chol function & tests and dialed down precision...
2011-01-15 mspiegelRenaming majority of omx* functions to imx* functions...
2010-03-30 mspiegelImproved error messages for mxMatrix() calls
2010-03-05 mspiegelSkeleton code for rvectorize() and cvectorize()
2010-03-02 mspiegelImplemented kronecker exponentiation operator
2010-01-30 tbrickWorking version of omxMnor and back-end callOmxAlgebra...
2010-01-20 mspiegelimplemented vec2diag() and diag2vec() matrix algebra...
2010-01-19 mspiegelImplemented generic method names() for MxModel objects.
2010-01-12 mspiegelAdded name spaces to OpenMx library