Confidence interval reorganization (part 1.2)
[openmx:openmx.git] / Makefile
2015-02-11 Joshua Nathaniel... Automate update of roxygen built man pages in gitignore
2015-02-10 Joshua Nathaniel... Lower CRAN check bar
2015-02-08 Joshua Nathaniel... Merge branch 'nloptr' (early part) into team
2015-02-07 Joshua Nathaniel... Lower bar on cran-check
2015-02-07 Joshua Nathaniel... Unconditionally print the number of cran-check lines
2015-02-07 Joshua Nathaniel... Merge branch 'master' into team
2015-02-07 jpritikinFlip inverted test
2015-02-07 jpritikinPut a cap on the growth of cran-check diagnostics
2015-02-07 jpritikinAdd rule to extract DESCRIPTION
2015-02-07 jpritikinDon't make everything depend on clean
2015-02-07 jpritikinShow content listing of tarball prior to cran-check
2015-01-27 jpritikinAllow 'make clean' to succeed without a pre-existing...
2015-01-09 jpritikinBump version number
2014-12-16 jpritikinAdd Makefile rule to run the failing tests
2014-11-26 jpritikinEnable --force-biarch for Windows fat binaries & remove...
2014-10-21 jpritikinQuote INSTALLMAKEFLAGS to permit setting via environmen...
2014-10-19 jpritikinDon't INSTALLMAKEFLAGS=""; allow setting from the envir...
2014-09-28 jpritikinUpdate autodep
2014-09-19 jpritikinIgnore rm error in doc build
2014-09-05 rkirkpatrickEdit 'make clean' to also remove src/*.dll (Windows...
2014-08-29 jpritikinClean old builds before we do cran-build
2014-08-18 jpritikinRun roxygen prior to building docs
2014-08-18 jpritikinFixup doc build
2014-08-16 jpritikinDo a slightly better job with 'make clean'
2014-07-31 jpritikinImplement new unprotect strategy
2014-07-26 jpritikinDon't check *.rda for code style
2014-07-26 jpritikinSwitch to more accurate matrix log/exp
2014-06-04 jpritikinRevert "Development"
2014-06-04 jpritikinDevelopment
2014-05-31 jpritikinSwitch libifa-rpf from C to C++
2014-05-31 jpritikinOnly invoke roxygen for 'make build*' or if man/ is...
2014-05-31 jpritikinRoxygen should use the same REXEC as found in the Makefile
2014-05-16 jpritikinRestore behavior of creating tarballs in build/ subdir
2014-05-16 jpritikinAdd build-simple for binary builds without openmp
2014-05-15 jpritikinRemove unimplemented and crashing omxSetFinalReturnsFIM...
2014-05-05 jpritikinExterminate strncmp
2014-05-05 jpritikinSet up BA81 internals for row weights
2014-05-05 jpritikinPrevent additions of 'strncmp'
2014-04-16 jpritikinLet roxygen handle OpenMx.Rd
2014-04-13 jpritikinRevert "Development"
2014-04-13 jpritikinDevelopment
2014-04-08 jpritikinUse --debugger-args, maybe helps on MacOS
2014-04-07 jpritikinProhibit @ in test scripts
2014-04-04 jpritikinTest with gdb only if gdb is installed
2014-04-03 jpritikinEnable gdb for the regular 'make test' variants
2014-04-02 jpritikinRevert "Development"
2014-04-02 jpritikinDevelopment
2014-04-01 jpritikinRestore SVN# in version
2014-03-29 jpritikinUse mxOption mvn settings for omxMnor & omxAllInt Algeb...
2014-03-22 jpritikinMake compile objects depend on the compile flags
2014-03-22 jpritikinAvoid needless compiles
2014-03-22 jpritikinRemove a bit more automatic version stamp stuff
2014-03-21 yangRemove automatic version stamping
2014-03-20 jpritikinOmit tarball busy work from 'make install' similar...
2014-03-18 jpritikinCause gdb to report child's exit status
2014-03-17 jpritikinAdd dependencies to the C/C++ compile
2014-03-17 jpritikincran-install does not need to build the tar.gz blob
2014-03-13 jpritikinRe-architect fitfunction derivatives API using Eigen
2014-03-07 jpritikinDoc mxFitFunctionMultigroup
2014-03-05 jpritikinAdjust buildbot gdb script
2014-02-16 jpritikinRename ComputeEstimatedHessian to ComputeNumericDeriv
2014-02-14 jpritikinDocument optimizers
2014-02-13 jpritikinAdd documentation
2013-10-24 jpritikinAdd more aliases
2013-10-16 jpritikinAdd lots of doc aliases
2013-10-16 jpritikinAdd an install-cran rule
2013-10-10 jpritikinAdd documentation (more cran prep)
2013-10-03 jpritikinDocument a bunch of imx functions
2013-10-03 jpritikinFactor out code style check
2013-10-03 jpritikinTry again to fix Windows NPSOL build
2013-10-03 jpritikinFix shell escaping for windows build
2013-10-03 jpritikinFactor out rox generated documentation list
2013-10-03 jpritikinTry to fix windows NPSOL build
2013-10-03 jpritikinDocument new cran make targets
2013-10-03 jpritikinFix windows to build with/without NPSOL
2013-10-02 jpritikinFix build without NPSOL
2013-09-06 jpritikinAdd 'make test-csolnp'
2013-09-06 jpritikinGenerate dsym for MacOS debug symbols
2013-07-27 jpritikinMerge branch Csolnp
2013-07-07 jpritikinRemove most instances of setFinalReturns
2013-07-06 jpritikinMove EAP scores to expectation slot scores.out
2013-06-28 jpritikinifa: Use R_GetCCallable to access libirt-rpf
2013-06-28 jpritikinifa: 2D and missing responses working
2013-06-21 jpritikinSet up a build rule for installing without NPSOL
2013-06-21 jpritikinReplace bloated autoconf script with a simple shell...
2013-06-20 jpritikinPrevent developers from using Rprintf
2013-06-12 jpritikinOptionally parallelize "make install"
2013-06-08 jpritikinSwitch to C++
2013-03-23 jpritikinNo need to install rox, move it to dev-only dir
2013-03-16 jpritikinRemove cut & pasted deadcode from MxLISRELModel.R
2013-03-03 jpritikinRun gctorture within gdb so we can get a stack trace
2013-02-25 jpritikinAvoid writing to the filesystem in tests
2013-02-24 jpritikinMerge testNightly with testModels
2013-02-02 jpritikinRemove obsolete CPU argument
2013-01-18 jpritikinMove script out of the Makefile to avoid quoting clashes
2013-01-18 jpritikinAdd rule to create R_LIBS_USER directory
2013-01-11 jpritikinDon't run roxygen2 by default
2013-01-04 jpritikinAdd 'make torture' for gctorture
2012-12-26 jpritikinMake omxCheckCloseEnough compare missingness pattern too
2012-12-26 jpritikinDoc rules should depend on rox