Fix build without NPSOL
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2013-09-23 mhunterAllow for debugging in windows. Toward missing data...
2012-12-08 mhunterDebugging state space expectation. Corrected new debug...
2012-12-07 mhunterChecked in some WLS changes. Debugging state space...
2012-03-05 mhunterSwitched Makevars back to no debugging, ... Sorry.
2012-03-05 mhunterAdded some more debugging information to LISREL Objective
2010-10-29 mspiegelUpdate build system for 32/64-bit windows
2010-02-13 mspiegelimplemented subranges for '[' operator
2009-09-19 mspiegelFix bug in windows build system
2009-09-19 mspiegelWindows build system will create a binary for the next...
2009-08-19 tbrickTesting subversion system.
2009-07-17 mspiegelMoved NPSOL output flags to mxOption() interface.
2009-06-03 mspiegelCommitting a build system for windows.