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2013-03-01 mhunterUpdated copyright to 2013 for R/ demo/ models/passing...
2012-11-30 jpritikinAutomated conversion of the demo directory
2012-11-30 jpritikinperl -pi -e 's/mxAlgebraObjective/mxFitFunctionAlgebra/g'
2012-01-04 mspiegelUpdating copyright line.
2011-06-17 rgoreUpdate demos directory to reflect new style header...
2010-09-07 hmaestry again
2010-02-23 mspiegelAdded copyright information to test suite models
2009-10-10 hmaesold files deleted, new files added
2009-10-02 mspiegelAdded 'dimnames' argument to mxFIMLObjective() and...
2009-09-03 mspiegelRewrote univariate twin analysis without duplicate...
2009-09-03 tbatesfixed typo in values
2009-09-03 tbatesMoved output from ACE model to be adjacent to that...
2009-09-03 tbatesremoved unused variable
2009-09-03 tbatesAdded row and column labels to the ACE table for compar...
2009-08-31 mspiegelUpdated ACE demo so more matrices are in the sub-models.
2009-08-28 mspiegelThe means vector is always a 1 x n matrix.
2009-08-25 mspiegelMeans vectors are now always n x 1 matrices.
2009-08-21 tbatesAdded some code to format the variance components into...
2009-08-21 tbatescorrect an error in my comment on this script
2009-08-21 tbatesmore comments: i wonder if this script could/should...
2009-08-21 tbatesAdded comments
2009-08-21 tbatesUnivariateTwinAnalysis_MatrixRaw.R
2009-08-15 mspiegelRenaming mxEvaluate() to mxEval()
2009-08-07 mspiegelImplemented Stand and Lower matrices.
2009-08-07 hmaesupdated filenames