Performance improvements to parallel executions
[openmx:openmx.git] / demo / 00Index
2010-01-30 mspiegelPerformance improvements to parallel executions
2009-10-10 mspiegelFixes from "make check"
2009-09-25 tbatesupdated Index file, added todo comments to TwinAnalysis...
2009-09-22 mspiegelFixing errors from "make check"
2009-09-18 tbatesAdded a script to do an independent general pathway...
2009-08-28 mspiegelThe means vector is always a 1 x n matrix.
2009-08-25 tbatesupdated 00Index to include
2009-08-12 sbokerUpdated demo index to include the two demos from the...
2009-08-07 hmaesupdated filenames
2009-08-07 hmaesupdated filenames
2009-08-07 mspiegelUpdating 00Index for demo directory
2009-08-03 mspiegelFixed demo/00Index file
2009-08-02 mspiegelAll tests are now passing. Huzzah.
2009-08-01 restabrookAdded data to demo directory and fixed 00Index
2009-07-24 mspiegelFixed some errors that showed up in "make check"
2009-07-16 mspiegelRenamed arguments of mxPath() to match mxMatrix().
2009-05-16 mspiegelAdded support for objective functions that are evaluated
2009-04-01 mspiegelRenaming mxJobRun() to mxRun().
2009-03-03 mspiegelBegan documentation for OpenMx package.
2009-02-08 mspiegelDeleted demos that are no longer valid.
2008-11-06 mspiegelImplemented 1/3 of RAM path conversion.
2008-10-28 mspiegelA working SimpleCovarianceS4 demo.
2008-05-07 mspiegelA non-working version of SimpleRaw demo is in the trunk...
2008-05-07 mspiegelA working version of Simple Covariance demo!