Fix build without NPSOL
[openmx:openmx.git] / R / MxPath.R
2013-03-16 jpritikinFactor out interpretation of mxPath's connect argument
2013-03-01 mhunterUpdated copyright to 2013 for R/ demo/ models/passing...
2012-06-04 mspiegelSlight improvement to error message when argument
2012-06-03 tbatesadded advice to call traceback() to see what call is...
2012-04-11 mspiegelError checking for 0-length arguments to mxPath()
2012-01-23 mspiegelReintroducing support for 'all' = argument of mxPath().
2012-01-04 mspiegelUpdating the Copyright headers (happy new year!)
2011-08-01 mspiegelSome code cleanup for the mxPath() 'connect' argument.
2011-07-29 rgoreThe changes in MxRAMModel.R and MxPath.R reflect the...
2011-07-01 mspiegelAdded deprecation warning for 'all=TRUE' argument to...
2011-07-01 mspiegelEliminating 'excludeself' argument from mxPath()
2011-01-15 mspiegelRenaming majority of omx* functions to imx* functions...
2010-10-23 mspiegelAdded 'excludeself' argument to mxPath() function.
2010-06-08 mspiegelAdding svn:eol-style native to R files.
2010-06-08 mspiegelImproved error messages for illegal names.
2010-04-22 mspiegelFixing bug in omxGraphviz() with 'S' matrix symmetry.
2010-03-24 mspiegelChanging MxPath data structure from a list to a S4...
2010-02-03 mspiegelImplemented mxRename function. Another refactoring...
2009-10-17 mspiegelomxGraphviz() arrow changes
2009-10-15 mspiegelMinor bugfixes to omxGraphviz()
2009-09-28 mspiegelMore verbose errors for mxPath()
2009-09-22 mspiegelInitial commit of square bracket notation parsing
2009-09-04 mspiegelmxPath() issues an error if any of the arguments are...
2009-09-01 mspiegelError checking and type coercion added to arguments...
2009-08-23 mspiegelGraphviz interface that does not rely on Rgraphviz...
2009-07-30 mspiegelAdded error checking for labels with 'foo.' or '.foo...
2009-07-24 mspiegelImplemented ticket:67
2009-07-16 mspiegelRenamed arguments of mxPath() to match mxMatrix().
2009-05-21 mspiegelChanged more of the omx*** functions to be private...
2009-05-02 mspiegelMerging model type implementation into the trunk.
2009-04-20 mspiegelMerging three-matrix branch into the trunk.
2009-04-15 mspiegelRenamed startVal argument to start. Renamed endVal
2009-03-30 mspiegelAdded MxMLObjective for maximum likelihood
2009-03-25 mspiegelAdded license information to R source files.
2008-10-23 mspiegelImplemented naming conventions.
2008-10-23 mspiegelUpdated the path model with Steve's simplifications.
2008-10-14 mspiegelInitial commit of path demo.
2008-10-14 mspiegelSome bugfixes to path model.
2008-10-09 mspiegeladding and removing from path models now works.
2008-10-09 mspiegelMore bugfixes.
2008-10-09 mspiegelBug fixes to path models. Adding paths now works.
2008-10-08 mspiegelSome sort of working path model representation.