2009-03-25 mspiegelAdded license information to R source files.
2009-03-25 mspiegelAdded license information to C header and source files.
2009-03-19 mspiegelRefactoring of mxModel extract and replace methods,
2009-03-19 tbrickAdded NOTICE and updated DESCRIPTION for Apache 2.0...
2009-03-19 tbrickChanged license file.
2009-03-19 restabrookAdded mxMatrix2.Rd
2009-03-19 tbrickMinor bug fixes and first cut at reading definition...
2009-03-19 mspiegelFixed a serious error where vector elements were
2009-03-19 mspiegelForgot syntax for comments in old-Mx.
2009-03-19 mspiegelFixed a bug in defining symmetric matrices, when
2009-03-17 mspiegelTwo changes: (1) processing definition variables
2009-03-17 mspiegelAdded "definitionVars" slot to MxFIMLObjective objects.
2009-03-16 mspiegelAdded more documentation, and changed mxFOO() functions...
2009-03-14 mspiegelFixed configure script for os x.
2009-03-14 mspiegelChecking in a first working version of configure script.
2009-03-13 mspiegelReplacing src/Makevars with an autoconf
2009-03-12 mspiegelRemoving Rdoc from R.oo scheme.
2009-03-12 mspiegelCreated directories /models/passing, /models/failing,
2009-03-12 mspiegelBacking out the noStart argument to sfInit(),
2009-03-12 tbrickFixed a few problems in back-end evaluation.
2009-03-12 mspiegelSmall changes to allow us to run a minimal model
2009-03-12 mspiegelAdded more documentation. Switched the order of arguments
2009-03-10 mspiegelEnabled validation checking of MxMatrices
2009-03-03 mspiegelBegan documentation for OpenMx package.
2009-03-02 skennylinux 64bit gcc3_4 added
2009-03-02 skennylib for gcc3_4 64bit
2009-03-02 mspiegelAltered all mxFOO() functions so that 'name' argument
2009-03-02 mspiegelAdded libnpsol.a for gcc3.9 and gcc4.1 on
2009-03-01 mspiegelA working version of npsol for 32-bit linux with
2009-03-01 skennyupdated
2009-03-01 skennycompiled with gcc 4_3_0
2009-02-27 mspiegelFixed a bug with NaN's getting returned from the backend.
2009-02-27 mspiegelAdded LGCDemo to testsuite directory.
2009-02-27 mspiegelImplementing pretty printing of MxMatrix class.
2009-02-26 mspiegelAdding directory testsuite.
2009-02-26 mspiegelIntroduction of snowfall package to concurrently execute
2009-02-26 mspiegelturn off debugging output by default.
2009-02-26 skennyrecompiled with gcc 4_1_1
2009-02-24 skennycompiled on 32bit machcine
2009-02-24 skennylink to fortran libs
2009-02-24 skennyrecompiled for 32bit
2009-02-24 mspiegelNow checking the column names of data frames,
2009-02-24 skennydon't need
2009-02-24 skennydon't need
2009-02-24 skennydon't need
2009-02-24 skennydon't need c libs
2009-02-24 skennylibs compiled for 32bit
2009-02-24 skennyalready a dir available
2009-02-24 skennylibs for 32bit arch
2009-02-24 mspiegelFixed the datasets list argument to the backend function,
2009-02-24 mspiegelCreated an x86_64 and x86 directory for npsol binaries...
2009-02-23 tbrickRetrying that last merge. Should work, this time.
2009-02-23 tbrickMerge ... trunk and experimental branch. Constraints...
2009-02-23 skennyfor compiling under linux
2009-02-23 skennylib for linix npsol
2009-02-19 mspiegelCorrected warning in omxConvertPathModel().
2009-02-18 mspiegelMerging multi-objective branch back into the trunk.
2009-02-18 sbokerBetter comments for MxPathDemo.R
2009-02-18 sbokerFixed comment in MxPathDemo.R
2009-02-17 tbrickMinor changes: Hopefully stopped the creation of fort...
2009-02-11 skennyadded mxswift
2009-02-11 skennygetting started
2009-02-11 skennydir for generated models before optimization
2009-02-11 skennydir for demo output
2009-02-11 skennydir where swift can find R processing scripts
2009-02-11 skennyremoved reference to path on RANGER
2009-02-11 skennysimple wrapper for R that sets the environment before...
2009-02-11 skennycatalog of apps that can be called by swift, this is...
2009-02-11 skennya sites file for running on a localhost with multiple...
2009-02-11 skennyexecutes swift from within R
2009-02-11 skennyswift script reads a directory of models and processes...
2009-02-11 skennyoptimization of models done in parallel using swift...
2009-02-11 skennysystem call to swift from within R
2009-02-08 mspiegelDeleted demos that are no longer valid.
2009-02-05 mspiegelBackend now returns an empty list for algebra results
2009-02-05 mspiegelImplemented model flattening. Removed the MxNullObjective.
2009-02-05 mspiegelAdded support for namespace checking (names must be...
2009-02-03 skennyflags for linux compilation
2009-01-31 mspiegelModify mxJobRun() to insert the final values of the...
2009-01-31 mspiegelAdded support for submodels, data, and objective functions
2009-01-27 tbrickC-only revision. Needs tuning and some renaming.
2009-01-15 mspiegelUpdated the documentation of R functions that are analo...
2009-01-15 mnealeChange to commit
2009-01-15 tbrickModifications to fix compile errors, apparently.
2009-01-07 skennydoes not generate models with negatve deg of freedom...
2009-01-03 tbrickTest version of algebras. Needs to be made neater...
2008-12-21 mspiegelCorrected some mistakes in algebra passing from fronten...
2008-12-21 mspiegelWrote omxConvertPathModel() that converts a path-style...
2008-12-21 mspiegelAdded mxJob interface.
2008-12-19 mspiegelNew version of npsol library for linux, still hangs...
2008-12-18 mspiegelRemoved an nrow=3, ncol=3 specification from a matrix...
2008-12-18 mspiegelObjective functions now accept either an algebra name...
2008-12-18 tbrickBugfix: both demos should work now.
2008-12-18 mspiegelChanges to passing convention of MxObjectiveFunctions...
2008-12-18 tbrickAlterations to demos and objective function types for...
2008-12-17 mspiegelAdded linux binary of libnpsol, and changed Makevars...
2008-12-09 tbrickRemoved npsolWrap.c in favor of
2008-12-09 tbrickForgot to check these in.
2008-12-09 tbrickTRB: Added core files and S4 demo files. FIML and...
2008-12-09 tbrickTRB: Updated C/C++ core: FIML and Covariance optimizati...