Added license information to R source files.
[openmx:openmx.git] / R / zzz.R
2009-03-25 mspiegelAdded license information to R source files.
2009-03-12 mspiegelBacking out the noStart argument to sfInit(),
2009-03-12 mspiegelAdded more documentation. Switched the order of arguments
2009-03-10 mspiegelEnabled validation checking of MxMatrices
2009-02-26 mspiegelIntroduction of snowfall package to concurrently execute
2009-02-23 tbrickRetrying that last merge. Should work, this time.
2008-11-17 mspiegelFinished grand unification of path and matrices interfaces.
2008-10-28 mspiegelA working SimpleCovarianceS4 demo.