Added license information to R source files.
[openmx:openmx.git] / R / MxMultiModel.R
2009-03-25 mspiegelAdded license information to R source files.
2009-03-17 mspiegelTwo changes: (1) processing definition variables
2009-03-12 mspiegelAdded more documentation. Switched the order of arguments
2009-02-24 mspiegelNow checking the column names of data frames,
2009-02-24 mspiegelFixed the datasets list argument to the backend function,
2009-02-18 mspiegelMerging multi-objective branch back into the trunk.
2009-02-08 mspiegelDeleted demos that are no longer valid.
2009-02-05 mspiegelImplemented model flattening. Removed the MxNullObjective.
2009-02-05 mspiegelAdded support for namespace checking (names must be...