2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 8/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 7/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 6/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 5/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 4/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 3/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 2/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 1/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinAdd cache for outcomeProb
2013-08-01 jpritikinMore tests
2013-08-01 jpritikinMove allocation out of computeRPF
2013-08-01 jpritikinStore outcome probs more compactly
2013-08-01 jpritikinProper handling for an empty free.set
2013-08-01 jpritikinAdd multigroup state space test (failing)
2013-07-31 jpritikinInitialize omxState.stale to keep valgrind happy
2013-07-31 jpritikinRecord Mike Neale's suggestion
2013-07-29 jpritikinRename
2013-07-29 jpritikinAvoid final copyParamToModel when not needed
2013-07-29 jpritikinFix diag
2013-07-29 jpritikinProtect against parameter oscillation using Ramsay...
2013-07-29 jpritikinRemove artificial lower bound on patternLik
2013-07-29 jpritikinFix incorrect handling of missing data
2013-07-29 jpritikinFix Hessian to work with equality constraints
2013-07-29 jpritikinMake more internal data available from R
2013-07-28 jpritikinPermit non-integral quadrature widths (oops)
2013-07-28 jpritikinImprove diagnostics
2013-07-27 jpritikinConditionalize some debugging noise on the runtime...
2013-07-27 jpritikinPermit vector indexing on row or col matrices
2013-07-27 jpritikinBounds check matrix indices
2013-07-27 jpritikinAdd sentinel to help detect memory corruption
2013-07-27 jpritikinSome printf -> mxLog
2013-07-27 jpritikinEnable with IMX_OPT_ENGINE=CSOLNP
2013-07-27 jpritikinAddress suspicious compiler warnings
2013-07-27 jpritikinFix compile errors
2013-07-27 jpritikinRprintf -> mxLog
2013-07-27 jpritikinRename for C++
2013-07-27 jpritikinMerge branch Csolnp
2013-07-26 jpritikinRemove obsolete performance counters
2013-07-26 jpritikinRewrite Newton-Raphson with better math
2013-07-26 jpritikinRework initialization of starting values
2013-07-26 jpritikinFail if starting value is out of bounds
2013-07-26 jpritikinFail if an outcome is entirely unendorsed
2013-07-26 jpritikinReport the empirical mean & cov
2013-07-26 jpritikinRevert "Reformatted wlsPrep0.2"
2013-07-25 restabrookReformatted wlsPrep0.2
2013-07-25 jpritikinFix/remove improper printf style formats
2013-07-22 jpritikinFor design, demand an integer typed matrix
2013-07-22 jpritikinReplicate Cai, Yang, & Hansen (2011) simulation study #1
2013-07-22 jpritikinRephrase with omxIFAComputePlan
2013-07-22 jpritikinRestrict Schilling Bock rescale to parameters without...
2013-07-22 jpritikinLogging levels, not just TRUE/FALSE
2013-07-22 jpritikinMight as well cache the number of outcomes per item
2013-07-22 jpritikinRename start to adjustStart
2013-07-18 jpritikinA few more minor optimizations
2013-07-18 jpritikinProper dependency tracking for BA81
2013-07-18 jpritikinAll compute objects need a varGroup
2013-07-18 jpritikinChange how dirty matrices are indicated
2013-07-18 jpritikinRewrite dependency tracking
2013-07-18 jpritikinGrab expectation names in the backend
2013-07-18 jpritikinAdd verbose option to BA81 stuff
2013-07-18 jpritikinMove cai2010 data back to simple arrays from std::vector
2013-07-18 jpritikinUse larger buffers to avoid atomic-add synchronization
2013-07-18 jpritikinOptimize estimation of the latent distribution
2013-07-18 jpritikinRemove a few more exp()
2013-07-18 jpritikinAvoid exp(); more than doubles performance; no detectab...
2013-07-18 jpritikinMinimize calls to omx_absolute_thread_num()
2013-07-18 jpritikinAdd compiler flags suitable for oprofile
2013-07-18 jpritikinAdd some comments
2013-07-16 jpritikinRoll BA81 fit function into FitFunctionML
2013-07-16 jpritikinMove all fitfunction args to expectation
2013-07-16 jpritikinPass design as a simple matrix, not MxMatrix
2013-07-16 jpritikinNewton-Raphson doesn't need fit; don't compute it
2013-07-16 jpritikinGradients for the latent distribution
2013-07-15 jpritikinDisable NPSOL gradient verification by default (this...
2013-07-15 jpritikinCan't protect NPSOL against reentry without proper...
2013-07-13 mhunterActually fixed state space sorting issue ... I think.
2013-07-12 jpritikinServe a warning if a factor was not created using mxFactor
2013-07-12 mhunterFix data sorting issue in state space expectations.
2013-07-12 jpritikinPass item models in a list instead of an MxMatrix
2013-07-12 jpritikinImprove EAP performance
2013-07-12 jpritikinReduce rpf evaluations in two-tier models
2013-07-12 jpritikinRemove unneeded dependencies
2013-07-11 jpritikinGot turned off by mistake, re-enable
2013-07-11 jpritikinLook at expectation to determine which fit to calculate
2013-07-11 jpritikinPermit better control over whether NPSOL uses gradients
2013-07-11 jpritikinAdjust BA81 expectation context argument
2013-07-10 jpritikinFill in default upper & lower bounds
2013-07-10 jpritikinRework specification of free param groups per Tim's...
2013-07-10 jpritikinComment debug code (otherwise error status is ignored)
2013-07-10 jpritikinPut openmp compiler flags in a separate variable
2013-07-09 mhunterAdding to State Space documentation. And fixing OpenMx...
2013-07-09 tbrickFixes to the WLS fit function, aCov data type, and...
2013-07-09 jpritikinMultigroup two-tier
2013-07-08 jpritikinUse correct density for specific dimensions
2013-07-08 jpritikinReport EAP scores organized in the same way as flexMIRT
2013-07-08 jpritikinRespect bounds, if set, on the latent distribution
2013-07-08 jpritikinUpdate diagnostics
2013-07-07 jpritikinAdd warning for even numbers of quadrature points
2013-07-07 jpritikinMove to nightly
2013-07-07 jpritikinTest multigroup, multidimensional EAP