ifa: Fixup
[openmx:openmx.git] / src / Makevars.in
2013-06-24 jpritikinReverse mistaken change
2013-06-24 jpritikinFree parameter groups
2013-06-21 jpritikinSet up a build rule for installing without NPSOL
2013-06-21 jpritikinReplace bloated autoconf script with a simple shell...
2013-06-19 jpritikinRemove misplaced coverage option
2013-06-18 jpritikinCode test coverage
2013-06-08 jpritikinProtect R against C++ exceptions
2013-06-08 jpritikinSwitch to C++
2012-05-07 tbrickCorrects an error in RAM derivative computation and...
2011-09-30 mspiegelNow checking for OpenMP support in build system, to...
2011-09-23 mspiegelInitial support for OpenMP in Hessian calculation
2011-08-29 mspiegelAdded "arch_specific_compiler_flags" to the build system
2011-08-28 mspiegelPreparing build system for OS X 10.4 compatibility
2010-03-03 tbrickWhoops. Unchecked DEBUGMX from Makevars.
2010-03-03 tbrickRemoved inlining from mxMatrix functions.
2010-02-11 tbrickSame as last, but now with debugging turned off.
2010-02-11 tbrickCleaned up omxRAMObjective, added a few new helper...
2010-01-08 tbrickOops. Left debugging on.
2010-01-08 tbrickFurther work towards RowObjective.
2009-09-29 mspiegelOption for algebra and matrix debugging output
2009-09-24 tbrickFixed a bug in the back-end involving objective evaluat...
2009-09-17 mspiegelBuild system adds -Wall flag if compiler is gcc
2009-09-09 mspiegelEliminating warning messages caused by gcc -Wall
2009-09-05 tbrickMajor back-end changes, with front-end tweaks to keep...
2009-07-31 tbrickCosmetic changes to back-end code.
2009-07-29 tbrickForgot to turn of debugging.
2009-07-29 tbrickFixed an ML means calculation error. Also should be...
2009-06-05 tbrickSeveral changes: Fixed substitution of matrix/algebra...
2009-03-14 mspiegelChecking in a first working version of configure script.
2009-03-13 mspiegelReplacing src/Makevars with an autoconf