Sparse invert, handle the non-overlapping case
[openmx:openmx.git] / R / MxCompute.R
2014-05-02 jpritikinSparse invert, handle the non-overlapping case
2014-05-02 jpritikinShow optimizer engine
2014-04-28 jpritikinImprove diagnostics
2014-04-28 jpritikinPlace likelihood-based CI code into a separate MxComput...
2014-04-14 tbatesuse mxComputeSequence to compute output$hessian
2014-04-14 tbatesupdating comments and examples to use $ rather than...
2014-04-12 jpritikinTidy mxComputeEM user interface, add doc
2014-04-12 jpritikinRemove unused slots
2014-04-11 jpritikinRename to observedFit and require a name...
2014-04-11 jpritikinRename free.set to freeSet
2014-04-11 jpritikinComputeEM: remove post.mstep argument
2014-04-09 jpritikinIncrease default CSOLNP tolerance to 1e-9 to match...
2014-04-06 jpritikinNewton-Raphson rewrite
2014-04-04 jpritikinmxDataDynamic
2014-04-04 jpritikinChange ASEM parameters based on more recent simulations
2014-04-04 jpritikinTidy imxExtractSlot
2014-03-29 tbrickAdded $ accessors to several classes. Still need to...
2014-03-28 jpritikinSwitch line endings back to unix style
2014-03-27 rkirkpatrickDocumentation-related tweaks to roxygen-related parts...
2014-03-18 jpritikinComplain about ... args in mxComputeOnce
2014-03-13 jpritikinRe-architect fitfunction derivatives API using Eigen
2014-03-07 jpritikinRearrange ComputeEM for SEM integration
2014-03-07 jpritikinFix various bugs in free.set variable groups
2014-03-03 jpritikinAllow simultaneous computation of gradient and gradient...
2014-02-28 jpritikinImprove mxComputeOnce, mxComputeEM APIs
2014-02-27 jpritikinUse ... to force named arguments (part 2)
2014-02-27 jpritikinUse ... to force named arguments
2014-02-27 jpritikinRename EM fit functions to match DLR (1977) terminology
2014-02-27 jpritikinMove positive definite check from ComputeSE to ComputeEM
2014-02-27 jpritikinLots of work on SEM
2014-02-20 jpritikinAlways report @output$fit but don't report @output...
2014-02-16 jpritikinRename ComputeEstimatedHessian to ComputeNumericDeriv
2014-02-14 jpritikinPrevent export of some internal classes
2014-02-14 jpritikinDocument optimizers
2014-02-13 jpritikinRevert "Rename classes not intended for export"
2014-02-13 jpritikinRename classes not intended for export
2014-02-13 jpritikinAdd documentation
2014-01-18 jpritikinAllow MxCompute C objects to set values in their R...
2014-01-17 jpritikinRewrite second order test; rename to ComputeHessianQuality
2014-01-02 jpritikinReport Newton-Raphson stuff in slots
2014-01-02 jpritikinAllow MxCompute C objects to set values in their R...
2013-12-31 jpritikinSEM reorg
2013-12-31 jpritikinCompute condition number of information matrix
2013-12-23 jpritikinControl some ComputeEstimatedHessian knobs from R
2013-12-17 jpritikinMaybe sandwich working
2013-12-07 jpritikinSplit SE calculation into separate Compute object
2013-11-22 jpritikinPermit easy specification of the default optimizer...
2013-11-13 jpritikinGeneric ComputeEM with Ramsay (1975) acceleration
2013-10-10 jpritikinAdd documentation (more cran prep)
2013-10-03 jpritikinRename functions to avoid exporting
2013-10-02 jpritikinFix build without NPSOL
2013-09-05 jpritikinKeep NPSOL as the default for now
2013-09-05 mzaheryCSOLNP
2013-08-17 jpritikinSparse matrix vector product
2013-08-17 jpritikinCombine calculations into the E-step (helps two-tier...
2013-08-17 jpritikinAllow ComputeIterate to test maximum absolute change
2013-08-16 jpritikinBoth enable and disable use of gradients
2013-08-04 jpritikinAuto-tune Newton-Raphson
2013-08-04 jpritikinInvert Hessian piecewise
2013-07-27 jpritikinEnable with IMX_OPT_ENGINE=CSOLNP
2013-07-22 jpritikinLogging levels, not just TRUE/FALSE
2013-07-22 jpritikinRename start to adjustStart
2013-07-16 jpritikinGradients for the latent distribution
2013-07-11 jpritikinPermit better control over whether NPSOL uses gradients
2013-07-10 jpritikinRework specification of free param groups per Tim's...
2013-07-06 jpritikinAllow more than 1 algebra/expectation in MxComputeOnce
2013-07-06 jpritikinNewton-Raphson
2013-07-06 jpritikinReplace mxComputeAssign with mxAlgebra(..., fixed=TRUE)
2013-07-06 jpritikinFix mxComputeOnce per Tim's suggestion
2013-07-02 jpritikinAdd verbose option to omxComputeIterate
2013-06-28 jpritikinSplit BA81 into a fit function and expectation
2013-06-28 jpritikinAdd ComputeAssign
2013-06-24 jpritikinFree parameter groups
2013-06-18 jpritikinSwitch over to new structured Compute system