2015-02-07 tbrickFixed a bug where could not be accessed from a model... master
2015-02-07 tbrickFixed some typos and mistakes in omxConstrainThresholds.
2015-02-07 mhunterStop Roxygen from making Rd file for non-exported function
2015-02-07 jpritikinFlip inverted test
2015-02-07 jpritikinExclude from tarball
2015-02-07 jpritikinPut a cap on the growth of cran-check diagnostics
2015-02-07 jpritikinAdd rule to extract DESCRIPTION
2015-02-07 jpritikinDon't make everything depend on clean
2015-02-07 jpritikinShow content listing of tarball prior to cran-check
2015-02-07 jpritikinRename mxLog_wrapper to avoid exporting
2015-02-07 jpritikinDoc matrix exp/log
2015-02-05 jpritikinRepair failing test
2015-02-05 tbrickRe-added omxConstrainThresholds.R to
2015-02-05 tbrickPossibly working version of omxConstrainThresholds...
2015-02-05 jpritikinEnsure per-row likelihoods reflect the correct paramete...
2015-02-05 jpritikinRevert "Added omxConstrainThresholds.R to the DESCRIPTI...
2015-02-04 tbrickRe-enabled automatic return of FIML row likelihoods.
2015-02-04 tbrickAdded omxConstrainThresholds.R to the DESCRIPTION list...
2015-02-04 mhunterUpdate copyright for R files
2015-02-04 mhunterAdd Matrix package to Suggests
2015-02-04 mhunterDocument argument for WLS data
2015-02-04 mhunterAnother typo found by cran check
2015-02-04 mhunteranother full argument match
2015-02-04 mhunterUse full argument name match instead of partial
2015-02-04 mhunterCorrect typo in LISREL model
2015-02-04 mhuntermxData code/documentation sync
2015-02-04 mhunterProgress on LISREL Paths
2015-02-04 mhunterFix broken alias link
2015-02-04 mhunterClean cran check errors from demo
2015-02-03 mhunterAdjust state space documentation to match the code...
2015-02-03 mhunterDefinition variable evaluation bug fix when data sortin...
2015-02-02 jpritikinStore the gradient when we perform finite differences...
2015-02-02 jpritikinMake model identified (somebody forgot to include the...
2015-02-01 jpritikinCSOLNP fails if the sense of the constraint is reversed
2015-01-30 rkirkpatrickMake test model that's not supposed to use derivatives...
2015-01-30 mhunterManifest paths allowed for LISREL
2015-01-30 mhunterLatent paths allowed for LISREL
2015-01-29 jpritikinAdd lower bounds on the variances
2015-01-28 rkirkpatrickChange from Rf_protect() statements to use of the Scope...
2015-01-28 rkirkpatrickClean up and streamline code for GREML derivatives.
2015-01-28 rkirkpatrickGREML test script should make sure the model runs both...
2015-01-28 jpritikinCarefully refactor confidence intervals 12/12
2015-01-28 jpritikinCarefully refactor confidence intervals 11/12
2015-01-28 jpritikinCarefully refactor confidence intervals 10/12
2015-01-28 jpritikinCarefully refactor confidence intervals 9/12
2015-01-28 jpritikinCarefully refactor confidence intervals 8/12
2015-01-28 jpritikinCarefully refactor confidence intervals 7/12
2015-01-28 jpritikinCarefully refactor confidence intervals 6/12
2015-01-28 jpritikinCarefully refactor confidence intervals 5/12
2015-01-28 jpritikinCarefully refactor confidence intervals 4/12
2015-01-28 jpritikinCarefully refactor confidence intervals 3/12
2015-01-28 jpritikinCarefully refactor confidence intervals 2/12
2015-01-28 jpritikinCarefully refactor confidence intervals 1/12
2015-01-28 jpritikinAdd diag
2015-01-27 rkirkpatrickInelegantly coded but working implementation of analyti...
2015-01-27 jpritikinImprove test organization
2015-01-27 jpritikinRepair free memory read in debug code (no serious conse...
2015-01-27 jpritikinAllow 'make clean' to succeed without a pre-existing...
2015-01-26 jpritikinSimplify verbose plumbing
2015-01-26 jpritikinImprove error message
2015-01-26 jpritikinDoc defvar.row argument
2015-01-26 jpritikinContinue refactor of ComputeGD
2015-01-26 jpritikinRemove commented debug code
2015-01-26 jpritikinFactor out diagnostics
2015-01-26 jpritikinCSOLNP: Move control parameters into CSOLNPFit structure
2015-01-26 jpritikinReimagine CSOLNPFit as GradientOptimizerAPI
2015-01-26 jpritikinBegin refactor of optimizer interface
2015-01-26 jpritikinDon't try to nudge zero starts again
2015-01-24 jpritikinBetter implementation for IterationError
2015-01-24 mhunterFix man page for check id
2015-01-24 mhunterAdd ability to do means paths for LISREL type models.
2015-01-23 jpritikinTweak suggested debug options
2015-01-23 jpritikinTiny code cleanup of NPSOL CIs
2015-01-23 jpritikinReport iteration error when threads are enabled
2015-01-23 mhunterDo not freak out. It is just updating the copyright.
2015-01-23 tbrickCorrected a bug where out-of-order threshold errors...
2015-01-22 rkirkpatrickImprove Hessian inversion in mxStandardizeRAMpaths().
2015-01-20 jpritikinPermit run-time toggling of protect depth diagnostics
2015-01-20 rkirkpatrickRequest GREML fixed effects via argument to expectation...
2015-01-16 mhunterRemove oudated use of mx*Objective
2015-01-16 rkirkpatrickGREML fixed effects and test model; code cleanup.
2015-01-16 jpritikinFix test for optimizer; additionally test for mxCondens...
2015-01-16 jpritikinTidy Makevars
2015-01-16 jpritikinRepair package dependencies
2015-01-16 jpritikinRevert recent CSOLNP changes
2015-01-16 jpritikinEnsure memory is not overwritten
2015-01-15 mhunterDocumentation for check identification function
2015-01-15 mzaheryCSOLNP: problems in recent Eigen commits fixed
2015-01-14 jpritikinSuggest gcc option -Og for debugging compatible optimiz...
2015-01-14 tbatescheck regression for bug where models cant be re-run
2015-01-14 rkirkpatrickSwitch from Eigen::Map to the safer EigenMatrixAdaptor...
2015-01-14 jpritikinSmall fix for CSOLNP: Gradually writing subnp function...
2015-01-14 tbatestest if OpenMx is defaulting to NPSOL
2015-01-13 jpritikinRepair selection of default optimizer
2015-01-13 jpritikinMake EigenMatrixAdaptor compile (oops)
2015-01-13 jpritikinAdd EigenMatrixAdaptor
2015-01-13 mzaheryCSOLNP: correcting revision 4137
2015-01-13 rkirkpatrickMinimal, rough implementation of GREML.
2015-01-10 jpritikinUpdate CHANGES
2015-01-09 mzaheryCSOLNP: Writing subnp function in Eigen (6)