Corrected a bug where out-of-order threshold errors were not reported.
[openmx:openmx.git] / models /
2015-01-20 rkirkpatrickRequest GREML fixed effects via argument to expectation...
2015-01-16 mhunterRemove oudated use of mx*Objective
2015-01-16 rkirkpatrickGREML fixed effects and test model; code cleanup.
2015-01-16 jpritikinFix test for optimizer; additionally test for mxCondens...
2015-01-14 tbatescheck regression for bug where models cant be re-run
2015-01-14 tbatestest if OpenMx is defaulting to NPSOL
2014-12-19 jpritikinCSOLNP: Correct exclusion of inequality constraints...
2014-12-18 jpritikinWhen checkpointing fit, record who requested it
2014-12-18 jpritikinAllow test to run on both optimizers
2014-12-18 jpritikinAdd CIs to continuous time model
2014-12-18 jpritikinAdd some omxCheckCloseEnough
2014-12-18 jpritikinMove to failing
2014-12-18 jpritikinConsolidate starting value nudging logic in ComputeGD
2014-12-17 mhunterAdd copyright to Multilevel example
2014-12-17 mhunterAdd check for model identification checking function
2014-12-17 jpritikinCSOLNP: Tidy optimizer reporting
2014-12-17 jpritikinRelax tolerance
2014-12-17 jpritikinCSOLNP: Count the number of major iterations
2014-12-16 jpritikinRemove q() from test
2014-12-16 jpritikinMove nightly test to passing
2014-12-15 jpritikinMake it easier to run tests
2014-12-13 jpritikinAdd test for omxGetParameters
2014-12-12 rkirkpatrickTidy up MxMatrix-related error and warning messages...
2014-12-05 mhunterSmall test for LISREL type, to be expanded as LISREL...
2014-12-05 tbatestest if OpenMx disorders thresholds
2014-12-04 mhunterAdd to summary check
2014-12-02 jpritikinRework Algebra API
2014-12-02 jpritikinMake tests easier to run from the top level dir
2014-11-26 jpritikinRefrain from evaluating MxMatrix in the front-end
2014-11-26 jpritikinEnsure continuous all-NA column is not run through...
2014-11-26 jpritikinAdd comment about multinomial degrees of freedom
2014-11-23 tbatesupdate to use twinData instead of myTwinData (a duplica...
2014-11-23 tbatesupdate to use twinData instead of myTwinData (a duplica...
2014-11-23 tbatesupdate to use twinData instead of myTwinData (a duplica...
2014-11-18 jpritikinFix calculation of the saturated -2LL for IFA models
2014-11-12 jpritikinAdd hint about infeasible starting values (per Mike...
2014-11-12 jpritikinPermit running test from top dir
2014-11-04 jpritikinDocument that mxLog will fail in Rgui on Windows
2014-11-04 jpritikinAdd test for mxLog
2014-10-28 jpritikinCorrectly collapse levels regardless of order
2014-10-28 rkirkpatrickUse of mxTryHard() to clear an unexpected Code Green...
2014-10-24 jpritikinAdd mxFactor(..., collapse=TRUE)
2014-10-24 mhunterFix bug that failed to print optimizer messages again...
2014-10-23 jpritikinFix mxEval(..., defvar.row) for when data is sorted
2014-10-22 jpritikinCheck for duplicated level names in factors in MxData
2014-10-22 jpritikinSimple category collapsing for mxFactor
2014-10-21 rkirkpatrickChange mxStandardizeRAMpaths() to say if the model...
2014-10-21 jpritikinAdd mxMakeNames & test
2014-10-21 jpritikinMove test to failing
2014-10-17 mhunterClean up previous checkin
2014-10-17 mhunterUpdate dims slot of expectations for models in mxRun...
2014-10-17 rkirkpatrickRestore test of status codes for a model that should...
2014-10-15 jpritikinMake mxSimplify2Array preserve colnames
2014-10-14 rkirkpatrickMake models with row fitfunctions re-runnable from...
2014-10-14 rkirkpatrickCorrect some expected error messages.
2014-10-14 mhunterCatch quoted formula error in mxAlgebra
2014-10-14 mhunterFix mxEval error and add test for square bracket with...
2014-10-08 jpritikinmxFitFunctionMultigroup: Fix error for unmatched submod...
2014-10-08 tbatesfit@information --> fit$information
2014-10-07 jpritikinCoerce x argument of mxFactor to character type
2014-10-06 tbatesone more @ sign to $
2014-10-05 tbatesreplacing @ with $ accessor
2014-10-03 jpritikinAdd warning for data.type='cor'
2014-10-02 jpritikinAvoid stringification of non-finite numbers
2014-09-28 jpritikinDrop duplicates from CI list
2014-09-28 jpritikinPrevent acceleration of worsening fit 4/4
2014-09-26 jpritikinDisable flaky part of the test
2014-09-24 jpritikinBegin EM acceleration 1 cycle earlier
2014-09-24 jpritikinSwitch default EM acceleration to varadhan2008
2014-09-24 jpritikinReorg EM acceleration; add Varadhan & Roland (2008)
2014-09-12 mhunterAdd ordinal ML/WLS test with both model identifications
2014-09-12 jpritikinFor saturated type=cov model, set TLI=1 and RMSEA=0
2014-09-08 jpritikinRestore commented part of test
2014-09-04 jpritikinUpdate SE study for relative tolerance
2014-09-04 jpritikinSE simulation studies
2014-09-03 mnealeEdited threshnames error message
2014-09-03 jpritikinCheck threshnames for duplicates
2014-08-29 mzaheryLAD--CheckCode6.R moved to models/passing
2014-08-27 mhunterAdd multilevel model example in state space form. ...
2014-08-27 mhunterAdd Bollen data from sem package to OpenMx.
2014-08-25 jpritikinRename nullModels -> refModels per dev discussion
2014-08-22 rkirkpatrickAdd column of raw SEs to output of mxStandardizeRAMpath...
2014-08-20 mhunterModify .svnignore files. WLS branch and trunk changes...
2014-08-18 jpritikinRename omxSaturatedModel to mxNullModels per dev discussion
2014-08-18 jpritikinCheck whether we recover the parameters
2014-08-16 jpritikinRefuse to clear model slots by assignment to NULL and...
2014-08-16 jpritikinRemove minItemsPerScore option
2014-08-11 mhunterMade MxSummary have prettier printing of Chi-Square...
2014-08-08 jpritikinRemove deprecated naAction arg
2014-08-07 jpritikinImprove reporting of CIs for non-free parameters
2014-08-07 jpritikinAdd more tests for fit statistics
2014-08-06 jpritikinTrap errors in the computation of RMSEA CIs
2014-08-06 jpritikinAdd IFA model support to omxSaturatedModel
2014-08-04 jpritikinFix failing FIML test
2014-08-03 jpritikinSwitch from absolute to relative tolerance
2014-08-01 jpritikinA-SEM refinement
2014-07-30 jpritikinRelax tolerance
2014-07-29 jpritikinDon't blindly cast all NA columns to double
2014-07-28 jpritikinAdd failing NPSOL test
2014-07-27 jpritikinAdd sanity checks for gradient