Corrected a bug where out-of-order threshold errors were not reported.
[openmx:openmx.git] / demo /
2014-12-02 mhunterRemove warnings from AlternativeApproaches
2014-11-05 jpritikinDrop psych dependency again
2014-11-05 hmaesrechecked problem files again
2014-11-04 jpritikinDrop psych dependency
2014-11-04 rkirkpatrickRepair now-piecewise UnivariateTwinAnalysis_PathRaw.R .
2014-11-04 rkirkpatrickRepair now-piecewise UnivariateTwinAnalysis_MatrixRaw.R .
2014-11-04 rkirkpatrickRepair now-piecewise TwoFactorModel_MatrixCov.R.
2014-11-04 rkirkpatrickRepair now-piecewise RowObjectiveFIMLBivariateSaturated.R.
2014-11-04 hmaesfixed some errors
2014-11-03 hmaeschanges to demo files
2014-10-12 tbatesremoving links to non-existant items, and adding links...
2014-10-12 tbatesminor formatting changes
2014-10-12 tbatesminor formatting changes
2014-10-12 tbateswas renamed for consistency, adding _Path suffix
2014-10-12 tbatesduplicate model
2014-10-05 tbatesupdating model to 1-line style
2014-06-23 tbateschange @ style for $
2014-06-08 jpritikinFix broken links in the documentation
2014-05-31 jpritikinMake FIML respect vector=FALSE
2014-05-15 sbokerCorrected LL tolerances to be within .01% of MX values...
2014-04-24 restabrookAdded man page for mxThreshold and one factor demo
2014-04-12 jpritikinRemove the last @
2014-04-11 jpritikinCheckpoint rewrite
2014-04-04 restabrookOrdinal and GMM docs done
2014-04-03 tbrickReplaced @ with $ in demos and tests.
2014-03-28 restabrookMixture Doc Pages
2014-03-21 jpritikinTemporarily quarentine test failing with CSOLNP
2013-12-31 mhunterUpdate copyright.
2013-09-16 mhunterChange starting value for variance away from zero.
2013-09-16 mhunterIdentified demo factor model by fixing variance to...
2013-07-10 jpritikinComment debug code (otherwise error status is ignored)
2013-06-24 jpritikinFree parameter groups
2013-06-18 jpritikinProvide a backward compatible status
2013-06-16 jpritikinEncapsulate NPSOL into omxComputeGD; rework error statu...
2013-04-24 mhunterMade a note to users in the bivariate saturated files...
2013-04-19 mhunterMissed one of the errors in bivariate saturated models...
2013-04-19 mhunter(Hopefully) fixed the error with the numerous bivariate...
2013-03-01 jpritikinRename mxRObjective and mxRowObjective
2013-03-01 jpritikinTry hardcoding data
2013-03-01 mhunterUpdated copyright to 2013 for R/ demo/ models/passing...
2013-02-25 jpritikinMove the slowest models to models/nightly
2013-02-24 jpritikinMerge testNightly with testModels
2012-11-30 jpritikinAutomated conversion of the demo directory
2012-11-30 jpritikinManually convert demos that use vector=TRUE in an objective
2012-11-30 jpritikinperl -pi -e 's/mxAlgebraObjective/mxFitFunctionAlgebra/g'
2012-11-28 tbrickConverted a few demos to fit/expectation. Also fixed...
2012-11-25 mspiegelMerging the FitExpectation branch into the trunk.
2012-11-06 mspiegel[FitExpectation] Implementing R objective function.
2012-03-06 mhunterMoved LISREL test to models/passing and renamed. We...
2012-02-19 mhunterMade some minor changes to LISREL and FIML Row Objectiv...
2012-01-04 dhackettIntegrating PPML analytical solution in to the trunk.
2012-01-04 mspiegelUpdating copyright line.
2011-11-10 mspiegelEliminating warnings() that are issued by R 2.14.0...
2011-11-08 mspiegelNow 1 error remaining in test suite for parallel FIML
2011-10-30 mspiegelAdding upper and lower bound to test case.
2011-08-19 mspiegelNew objective@info slot that will store all additional...
2011-08-04 mspiegelRemove direct manipulation of model$objective@vector...
2011-07-29 rgoreThe changes in MxRAMModel.R and MxPath.R reflect the...
2011-07-25 mspiegelEliminating temporary variables in "ModelRec" format
2011-07-23 mhunterAdded recursive and piecemeal versions of LatentGrowthC...
2011-07-21 mhunterAdded R Objective LISREL demo
2011-07-01 mhunterRenamed Row Objective FIML demo and added to Users...
2011-06-26 mspiegelFixing several typos caught by "make check"
2011-06-17 mhunterAdded Row Objective demo
2011-06-17 rgoreUpdate demos directory to reflect new style header...
2011-06-03 mhunterAdded to FIML Row Objective Uers Guide files
2011-05-27 mhunterAdded draft of FIML Row Objective Docs Page
2011-05-20 mspiegelAdding entry to demo 00Index file.
2011-05-12 mspiegelFront-end changes to eliminate RAM --> FIML transformation
2011-05-05 mhuntermoved FIMLRowObjective test from models/failing to...
2011-04-10 mspiegelRewriting BootstrapParallel demo to not use name= argum...
2011-04-10 mspiegelChanging bootstrap parallel demo to use mxRename()...
2011-02-27 mspiegelUpdated BootstrapParallel.R demo to use mxData()
2011-02-22 mspiegelAdding (2) kinds of error checking to RAM and ML object...
2011-01-15 mspiegelRenaming majority of omx* functions to imx* functions...
2010-11-14 mspiegelSuppress some code GREENs from the test suite
2010-10-30 mspiegelShrinking number of trials for growth mixture model...
2010-10-30 mspiegelFirst implementation of omxParallelCI().
2010-10-22 mspiegelRemove checkpoint=TRUE in demo and bugfix for omxCheckI...
2010-10-20 restabrookUpdated GMM demos
2010-10-19 restabrookUpdated GMM demos
2010-10-01 mspiegel1.0.0 binary release
2010-09-28 restabrookUpdated demo/00Index
2010-09-25 mspiegelMoving ETC88.R from /demo to /models/nightly. Takes...
2010-09-24 hmaesETC88 script
2010-09-24 mspiegelMinor changes to suppress warnings in a demo, and chang...
2010-09-22 restabrookMixture Docs and Demos
2010-09-20 restabrookWorking on Mixture Demo and Docs
2010-09-08 mspiegelFixing script errors in user guide.
2010-09-08 hmaesOneFactorOrdinal
2010-09-07 hmaestry again
2010-08-02 mspiegelOops. Forgot to add new demo file to repository.
2010-07-31 mspiegelAdded 'vector' argument to mxRAMObjective() function
2010-07-05 mspiegelMinor changes to BootstrapParallel demo (easier to...
2010-06-04 tbrickFirst speedup with sorting for FIML.
2010-05-21 mspiegeldefault expected means vectors are no longer generated
2010-05-18 mspiegelImprovements to the checkpoint interface.
2010-05-17 mspiegelMaking checkpoints platform neutral (ie. windows friendly)
2010-04-22 mspiegelAdding script to test suite for omxGraphviz()
2010-04-19 mspiegelnew 'suppressWarnings=TRUE' argument to mxRun()