2009-08-07 hmaescopied scripts from passing
2009-08-07 hmaescopied scripts from passing
2009-08-06 mspiegelRemoving SimpleRawData.txt
2009-08-06 tbrickUpdate to previous likelihood correction. ML and RAM...
2009-08-05 mspiegelMoved autoregressive transpose tests from failing to...
2009-08-05 mspiegelMoved two tests from failing to passing, and added...
2009-08-05 tbrickFixed a bug in the calculation of likelihood for RAM...
2009-08-04 hmaesupdated tutorial
2009-08-04 hmaesupdated tutorial
2009-08-04 restabrookAdded omxCheckCloseEnough.Rd and changed links...
2009-08-04 hmaesnew structure of contents
2009-08-04 hmaesnew structure of contents
2009-08-04 jspiesfixed some warnings in docs
2009-08-04 hmaesnew structure of contents
2009-08-04 jspiesUploading the changes file
2009-08-04 hmaesdeleted old versions of docs
2009-08-04 hmaesdeleted old versions of docs
2009-08-04 hmaesACE graphs
2009-08-04 mspiegelCorrections so that test suite will pass
2009-08-03 mnealeMinor dits to FactorModelPath.rst and DefinitionMeansPa...
2009-08-03 mnealeAdded figure to DefinitionMeans_Path.rst
2009-08-03 hmaesupdated versions
2009-08-03 hmaesupdated versions
2009-08-03 hmaesupdated versions
2009-08-03 mnealeDocumentation for DefinitionMeansPath
2009-08-03 mspiegelFixed demo/00Index file
2009-08-03 mspiegelAdded data() line to one demo
2009-08-02 mnealeAdding Pathic Definition Variable example
2009-08-02 mspiegelAll tests are now passing. Huzzah.
2009-08-02 mnealeAdding DefinitionMeans.R .mx and .rst files
2009-08-02 hmaesall docs with matching section levels
2009-08-02 hmaesall docs with matching section levels
2009-08-02 hmaesmore docs
2009-08-02 hmaesmore docs
2009-08-01 hmaesACE submodel w paths fails
2009-08-01 restabrookChanged demo files to import raw data using data()
2009-08-01 restabrookAdded data to demo directory and fixed 00Index
2009-07-31 restabrookFixing Docs
2009-07-31 restabrookFixing Docs
2009-07-31 restabrookCopied passing models over to demo
2009-07-31 restabrookMoving models from failing to passing and adding comma
2009-07-31 restabrookMoving models from failing to passing
2009-07-31 restabrookMoving models from failing to passing
2009-07-31 restabrookUpdate failing models
2009-07-31 mspiegelFixed mistakes in script, and added data file from...
2009-07-31 hmaesupdate univACE.R
2009-07-31 tbrickFixed a minor issue in DefinitionTest2.R
2009-07-31 hmaesupdated bivCor.R
2009-07-31 mnealeEdited DefinitionTest2.R
2009-07-31 tbrickCosmetic changes to back-end code.
2009-07-31 hmaescorrected ACE
2009-07-31 hmaescorrected ACE
2009-07-31 mnealeRevised DefinitionTest2.R
2009-07-31 hmaesACE model files
2009-07-31 mspiegelRemoving unreliable test from models/failing
2009-07-30 mnealeHard-coded test of definition variables
2009-07-30 mspiegelRemoving setwd() to absolute path
2009-07-30 mspiegelClosing ticket:68
2009-07-30 hmaesHeterogeneity Model
2009-07-30 hmaesFIML working fine again svn del bivSat.R
2009-07-30 hmaesgit-svn-id:
2009-07-30 hmaesgit-svn-id:
2009-07-30 tbrickRolled back a stupid mistake in omxFIMLObjective.c...
2009-07-30 mspiegelAdded error checking for labels with 'foo.' or '.foo...
2009-07-30 hmaesFIML now failing in hard-coded univSatM.R & bivSatM...
2009-07-30 tbrickMore models corrected and old Mx scripts added. This...
2009-07-30 tbrickCorrected a transposed A matrix in the Autoregressive_...
2009-07-30 tbrickMinor debugging info change to FIML.
2009-07-30 mspiegelAdded dimnames to DefinitionTest1.R
2009-07-30 mspiegelFixed bug in translating F matrix
2009-07-30 mspiegelUpdating documentation with 'observed' slot in MxData...
2009-07-30 mspiegelRenaming 'data' slot in MxData to 'observed'
2009-07-30 restabrookExample Docs done
2009-07-30 mspiegelModifications to failing test to allow it to run.
2009-07-30 restabrookFactor Model docs done
2009-07-30 hmaesdata for twinACE.R
2009-07-29 hmaescannot figure out why it is failing
2009-07-29 tbrickForgot to turn of debugging.
2009-07-29 tbrickFixed an ML means calculation error. Also should be...
2009-07-29 restabrookFormatting failing models (i.e. rearranging deck chairs)
2009-07-29 mnealeA working Definition variable example, based on Ryne...
2009-07-29 tbrickFixed ML saturated model calculation. Seems to be...
2009-07-29 restabrookDocs
2009-07-29 mspiegelNow showing observed statistics, estimated parameters...
2009-07-29 mspiegelCorrectly generating names for expected covariance...
2009-07-29 mspiegelMissed another typo.
2009-07-29 mspiegelMore typos in failing models
2009-07-29 mspiegelprint(mxAlgebra) now shows the result of the algebra.
2009-07-29 mspiegelFixing typos in model/failing
2009-07-29 mspiegelAdded "T" in free matrix for a free parameter.
2009-07-29 mspiegelRemoving models that call omxOriginalMx(), they have...
2009-07-29 mspiegelRemoved setwd() to absolute path from two models.
2009-07-29 mspiegelFixed typos in passing models.
2009-07-29 hmaesadded two passing scripts -see email
2009-07-29 hmaesadded hard-coded versions of failing scripts
2009-07-29 restabrookAdd images for docs
2009-07-29 hmaesdeleting old versions
2009-07-29 mspiegelmxMatrix() throws an error if values/free/labels/lbound...
2009-07-29 mspiegelCopying scripts from Hermine's email into repository.
2009-07-29 mspiegelFixing more typos in failing models