Update R file copyrights. Somehow this got forgotten before.
[openmx:openmx.git] / R / MxDependencies.R
2014-01-24 mhunterUpdate R file copyrights. Somehow this got forgotten...
2013-03-01 mhunterUpdated copyright to 2013 for R/ demo/ models/passing...
2012-08-10 mspiegelEliminating unnecessary dependency on R >= 2.14.0
2012-08-02 mspiegelMering dependency tracking into the trunk.
2012-07-27 mspiegelInitial working implementation of new dependency tracking.
2012-07-25 mspiegel[dependency-tracking] initial commit of bookkeeping.
2012-07-18 mspiegelOops, forgot to commit a new file.