Refrain from duplicating the model unless required by the fitfunction
[openmx:openmx.git] / src / omxFitFunction.c
2013-03-01 jpritikinRefrain from duplicating the model unless required...
2013-03-01 mhunterUpdated copyright to 2013 for R/ demo/ models/passing...
2013-02-02 jpritikinCompute fit and gradients at the same time
2013-01-01 jpritikinAdd regression test for RFitFunction and fix related...
2012-12-10 jpritikinSanity check shape of FitFunction@expectation slot
2012-12-10 jpritikinMove table into the single place where it is used
2012-12-10 jpritikinFix 'fitType' scope and reindent
2012-11-25 mspiegelMerging the FitExpectation branch into the trunk.