Csolnp: warnings v1
[openmx:openmx.git] / src / matrix.h
2013-11-22 mzaheryCsolnp: warnings v1
2013-11-13 jpritikinAdd matrix symmetric pos def inverse
2013-10-26 jpritikinRemove redundent and tricky matrix invert code
2013-10-25 jpritikinMake MatrixInvert more generic
2013-10-25 jpritikinRemove unused field from struct Matrix
2013-10-16 mzaheryCSOLNP: Memory leaks
2013-09-06 jpritikinAddress valgrind issues in Csolnp
2013-09-05 mzaheryCSOLNP
2013-08-10 jpritikinAttempt to merge SVN 2824
2013-07-27 jpritikinPermit vector indexing on row or col matrices
2013-07-27 jpritikinBounds check matrix indices
2013-07-27 jpritikinAdd sentinel to help detect memory corruption
2013-07-27 jpritikinMerge branch Csolnp