Improve aesthetics of "Adjust state space expectation for removal of omxRaiseErrorf"
[openmx:openmx.git] / src / omxFIMLSingleIteration.cpp
2014-04-03 jpritikinImprove aesthetics of "Adjust state space expectation...
2014-04-03 mhunterAdjust state space expectation for removal of omxRaiseE...
2014-04-03 jpritikinHook up recordIterationError for FIML
2014-04-03 jpritikinDemote some errors to debug output
2014-03-14 mhunterResolved scope issue with isnan and isinf functions.
2014-03-13 jpritikinRe-architect fitfunction derivatives API using Eigen
2014-03-12 jpritikinEnable R_NO_REMAP for a cleaner namespace
2013-12-31 mhunterUpdate copyright.
2013-09-24 mhunterWorking missing data handling for state space expectati...
2013-09-21 mhunterProgress toward missing data handling in state space...
2013-07-25 jpritikinFix/remove improper printf style formats
2013-06-28 jpritikinSplit BA81 into a fit function and expectation
2013-06-28 jpritikinifa: More multigroup prep; two-tier EAP
2013-06-19 jpritikinAdd thread-safe logging functions
2013-06-08 jpritikinSwitch to C++