2014-05-04 jpritikinRevert "Add option to checkpoint every evaluation"
2014-05-03 jpritikinAdd option to checkpoint every evaluation
2014-05-03 jpritikinRewrite MxCompute pretty-printing code
2014-05-03 jpritikinTake abs(ev) when inverting Hessian (suggested by Timo...
2014-05-03 jpritikinMatch item and data column names
2014-05-03 jpritikinTidy previous commit
2014-05-02 mhunterBug fix the number of observed statistics in non-IFA...
2014-05-02 jpritikinFix typo in preview commit
2014-05-02 jpritikinSparse invert, handle the non-overlapping case
2014-05-02 jpritikinIn addition to the mxOption, let mxData(sort=FALSE...
2014-05-02 jpritikinAdd a git bisect script
2014-05-02 jpritikinShow optimizer engine
2014-05-02 jpritikinRevert "Fix Observed Statistics regression"
2014-05-02 jpritikinFix Observed Statistics regression
2014-05-02 jpritikinShow MxCompute plan in summary
2014-05-02 jpritikinImprove doc for mxCI
2014-05-01 jpritikinDrop omxPresortData idea
2014-05-01 jpritikinCheckpoint correct fit in Newton-Raphson
2014-04-30 jpritikinMove test to passing
2014-04-29 mzaheryCSOLNP: Problem with simplestCI.R solved
2014-04-29 jpritikinFixed bug where mxOption 'Default optimizer', and other...
2014-04-29 jpritikinFix bug in "mxOption without a value to show the curren...
2014-04-29 jpritikinRevert "Fixed bug where mxOption 'Default optimizer...
2014-04-28 rkirkpatrickFixed bug where mxOption 'Default optimizer', and other...
2014-04-28 jpritikinlogLik for mxModel (contributed by Andreas Brandmaier)
2014-04-28 jpritikinIgnore non-convergence in ComputeEM M-step
2014-04-28 jpritikinmxOption without a value to show the current setting
2014-04-28 jpritikinForce a positive semidefinite covariance matrix
2014-04-28 jpritikinImprove diagnostics
2014-04-28 jpritikinomxPresortData
2014-04-28 jpritikinMove omxData to a C++ object
2014-04-28 jpritikinDemand dimnames for the prior distribution
2014-04-28 jpritikinCoax summary to work with dynamic data
2014-04-28 jpritikinDelete unused variable
2014-04-28 jpritikinAdd failing one-sided CI test
2014-04-28 jpritikinInline omxPopulateConfidenceIntervals
2014-04-28 jpritikinPlace likelihood-based CI code into a separate MxComput...
2014-04-28 jpritikinAdd test for fitting a latent distribution with fixed...
2014-04-28 jpritikinAdjust log levels
2014-04-28 jpritikinAdd rownames to standardErrors
2014-04-24 rkirkpatrickMoved test to failing, as it fails under the most recen...
2014-04-24 restabrookAdded man page for mxThreshold and one factor demo
2014-04-24 restabrookAdded man page for mxThreshold and one factor demo
2014-04-23 rkirkpatrickAs discussed at last week's meeting, added a test to...
2014-04-21 jpritikinDo not resetDataSortingFlags
2014-04-21 jpritikinRemove deadcode from failed experiment
2014-04-21 mzaheryCSOLNP: taking care of general warnings
2014-04-21 mzaheryCSOLNP: warnings about convergence solved
2014-04-19 jpritikinCan omit initial fit computation after the first iteration
2014-04-19 jpritikinAdd some args for control of NA behavior
2014-04-18 jpritikinRandom number generation changed from R-2.14 vs later...
2014-04-18 jpritikinSwitch from MASS::mvrnorm to mvtnorm::rmvnorm
2014-04-17 jpritikinRemove unused arguments from omxRaiseError, omxRaiseErrorf
2014-04-17 jpritikinRemove unused argument from omxResizeMatrix
2014-04-17 jpritikinRemove irrelevant computation from test
2014-04-16 jpritikinLet roxygen handle OpenMx.Rd
2014-04-16 jpritikinRevert Tim Bates' disasterous manual changes (pls try...
2014-04-16 jpritikinEval the fit function before fitting the model
2014-04-16 jpritikinEnable colored diagnostics for gcc 4.9
2014-04-15 tbatesAdding back manually built help files
2014-04-15 tbatesAdding back manually built help files
2014-04-15 tbatesDeleting last .Rd file and added <svn propset svn:ignor...
2014-04-15 tbatesRemoving .Rd files (people think these shouldn't be...
2014-04-14 tbatesuse mxComputeSequence to compute output$hessian
2014-04-14 tbatesseveral Rd files now built with roxygen
2014-04-14 tbatesupdating comments and examples to use $ rather than...
2014-04-13 jpritikinHandle omxRemoveRowsAndColumns for row-major order...
2014-04-13 jpritikinomxAliasMatrix, omxResetAliasedMatrix are essentially...
2014-04-13 jpritikinProhibit omxResetAliasedMatrix on non-aliased matrices
2014-04-13 hmaeschanges to doc files
2014-04-13 mhunterBug fixes to conformability checks in SSM, and SSM...
2014-04-13 jpritikinSimplify implementation of aliased matrices
2014-04-13 jpritikinRevert "Temporarily remove conformability checking...
2014-04-13 jpritikinRevert "Development"
2014-04-13 jpritikinFix memory corruption in omxResetAliasedMatrix
2014-04-13 jpritikinDevelopment
2014-04-12 jpritikinTidy mxComputeEM user interface, add doc
2014-04-12 jpritikinRemove the last @
2014-04-12 jpritikinPlace BA81 expectation in observed mode by default
2014-04-12 mhunterTemporarily remove conformability checking in SSM and...
2014-04-12 jpritikinProhibit mxFitFunctionMultigroup with no groups
2014-04-12 jpritikinRemove old Mx
2014-04-12 jpritikinRemove unused slots
2014-04-11 jpritikinConvert paste0 into paste for R 2.14
2014-04-11 jpritikinRename to observedFit and require a name...
2014-04-11 jpritikinRename free.set to freeSet
2014-04-11 jpritikinComputeEM: remove post.mstep argument
2014-04-11 sbokerTrying once again. Lots of updates to the help files.
2014-04-11 jpritikinTune N-R performance a bit
2014-04-11 jpritikinCheckpoint rewrite
2014-04-11 jpritikinUpdate failing test to check for correct answers
2014-04-11 mzaheryProblem with mxConstraint.Rd solved
2014-04-11 hmaeschanges to doc files
2014-04-11 hmaeschanges to doc files
2014-04-11 hmaeschanges to doc files
2014-04-11 sbokerManual page updates to change @ to $
2014-04-11 tbrickChanged more @s to .
2014-04-11 jpritikinAdd failing test for CSOLNP
2014-04-11 mhunterExpectation-Fit revision to multigroup User's Guide...
2014-04-10 jpritikinTemporarily remove failing test from our torture list