2014-08-18 jpritikinIncorporate doc feedback from Tim Brick
2014-08-18 jpritikinCheck whether we recover the parameters
2014-08-18 jpritikinImprove error messages
2014-08-16 jpritikinRemove deadcode
2014-08-16 jpritikinRefuse to clear model slots by assignment to NULL and...
2014-08-16 jpritikinRemove minItemsPerScore option
2014-08-16 jpritikinDo a slightly better job with 'make clean'
2014-08-15 mhunterFix state space in FIML joint.
2014-08-15 jpritikinSwitch default optimizer back to CSOLNP
2014-08-11 mhunterRemove some commented out code from Summary.
2014-08-11 mhunterMade MxSummary have prettier printing of Chi-Square...
2014-08-11 jpritikinCheck for null infoDefinite in summary
2014-08-11 jpritikinExtinguish globalState
2014-08-11 jpritikinRemove cut & paste code duplication
2014-08-11 jpritikinPermit compilation without NLOPT
2014-08-11 mzaheryNLOPT and Simulated annealing added
2014-08-09 jpritikinReport condition number when standard erorrs are enabled
2014-08-08 jpritikinImprove destruction order
2014-08-08 jpritikinMerge OMX_VERBOSE to OMX_DEBUG
2014-08-08 jpritikinSimplify copyParamToModel API
2014-08-08 jpritikinRemove deprecated naAction arg
2014-08-08 jpritikinMove childList from omxState to FitContext
2014-08-08 jpritikinTrack whether a model has been run for submodels
2014-08-08 mhunterRemoved dredded paste0 calls. They prevent otherwise...
2014-08-08 mhunterModify FIML Single Iteration Joint to accomodate State...
2014-08-07 jpritikinDistinguish between stale models and models which has...
2014-08-07 jpritikinImprove reporting of CIs for non-free parameters
2014-08-07 jpritikinAdd more tests for fit statistics
2014-08-07 jpritikinSync ba81quad
2014-08-07 jpritikinRemove as.IFAgroup (now in the RPF package)
2014-08-07 jpritikinIgnore request for CIs if the label exists and is not...
2014-08-07 jpritikinAvoid eigen decomposition if the covariance matrix...
2014-08-07 jpritikinDon't report the saturated model if there is missing...
2014-08-07 jpritikinReally fix compiler warning
2014-08-06 jpritikinTrap errors in the computation of RMSEA CIs
2014-08-06 jpritikinAdd IFA model support to omxSaturatedModel
2014-08-06 jpritikinAdd comment about RMSEA formula
2014-08-06 jpritikinFix minor compiler warning
2014-08-06 jpritikinReorganize omxSaturatedModel for better modularity
2014-08-06 jpritikinFactor out processing of the run argument to omxSaturat...
2014-08-05 jpritikinRemove our own version of std::max
2014-08-05 jpritikinConsolidate FIML to omxFIMLSingleIterationJoint (except...
2014-08-04 jpritikinFix failing FIML test
2014-08-04 jpritikinRemove a bunch of duplicated code in FIML
2014-08-04 jpritikinDeadcode
2014-08-04 jpritikinDistinguish local variable name from omxState.currentRow
2014-08-03 jpritikinRewrite frontend to get rid of generateDefinitionLocations
2014-08-03 jpritikinSwitch from absolute to relative tolerance
2014-08-01 jpritikinA-SEM refinement
2014-08-01 jpritikinAdd Oakes1999 EM information matrix method
2014-08-01 jpritikinAllow MxDataDynamic to aggregate >1 BA81 expectation
2014-08-01 jpritikinSet up setVarGroup handler for MxAlgebraFitFunction
2014-08-01 jpritikinAdd independent flag to mxComputeSequence
2014-08-01 jpritikinHandle model.mat[R,C] labels in BA81 latent distribution
2014-07-31 jpritikinImplement new unprotect strategy
2014-07-31 jpritikinUse proper define to index freeVarGroups
2014-07-30 jpritikinFor summary(verbose=F), suppress SE and bounds if all NA
2014-07-30 jpritikinMxDataDynamic pretty printing
2014-07-30 jpritikinAdd more unprotects
2014-07-30 jpritikinReorder initialization sequence
2014-07-30 jpritikinBA81: Cope with only mean or only cov (but not both)
2014-07-30 jpritikinRelax tolerance
2014-07-29 tbatesminor error msg change: show user the verboten list...
2014-07-29 jpritikinAdd some unprotects
2014-07-29 jpritikinAdd fast path to matchDefinitionVariable
2014-07-29 jpritikinDo same work in fewer matches
2014-07-29 jpritikinRemove very expensive deadcode from MxFlatModel
2014-07-29 jpritikinIf not found, don't search for defintion vars twice
2014-07-29 jpritikinMake checkVariablesHelper more efficient
2014-07-29 jpritikinDon't blindly cast all NA columns to double
2014-07-29 jpritikinDelete unsupported autodiff
2014-07-28 jpritikinAdd failing NPSOL test
2014-07-28 jpritikinOnly warn once about the model being modified since run
2014-07-28 jpritikinProhibit clashes between model and matrix names in...
2014-07-28 jpritikinClear modified-since-run flag on submodels
2014-07-27 jpritikinSelect SEM algorithm by name instead of number
2014-07-27 jpritikinPermit more than 1 fitfunction in mxComputeOnce
2014-07-27 jpritikinAdd sanity checks for gradient
2014-07-27 jpritikinAdd as.IFAgroup to encapsulate a model in an RPF friend...
2014-07-27 jpritikinEnsure every factor loads on at least 1 item
2014-07-27 jpritikinHide non-estimable parameters when factors=0
2014-07-26 jpritikinComputeEM: Count the number of iterations correctly
2014-07-26 jpritikinThe backend no longer resizes matrices that will be...
2014-07-26 jpritikinDon't check *.rda for code style
2014-07-26 jpritikinSwitch to more accurate matrix log/exp
2014-07-25 jpritikinAdjust pretty-printing of MxData to match slot names
2014-07-25 jpritikinTeach Newton-Raphson about bad derivatives
2014-07-25 mhunterPrint model name in summary
2014-07-24 mhunterChange error message in saturated model helper when...
2014-07-24 mhunterFix bug in RMSEA CI reporting in summary when verbose...
2014-07-23 tbatesAdded hand written mxFitFunctionMultigroup.Rd (was...
2014-07-23 mhunterImprovements to mxSummary: RMSEA conf intervals, Inform...
2014-07-23 tbatesupdate mxVersion.R to print better and update mxVersion...
2014-07-23 mzaherypassing tests are removed from models/failing
2014-07-22 mzaheryPreviously failing tests are moved into passing
2014-07-21 mhunterUpdate summary test to use new saturated model helper...
2014-07-21 jpritikin[IFA] Fix bug in computing Hessian with equality constr...
2014-07-19 mzaheryCSOLNP: out of bound starting values issue solved....
2014-07-19 mhunterRevision to saturated model helper that allows multigro...
2014-07-18 jpritikinComputeReportDeriv should not warn when no gradient...