2014-06-06 tbatesmodified error msg in mxRun and mxOption to tell user...
2014-06-06 jpritikinWarn if not at a subversion known commit
2014-06-06 jpritikinCope when neither SVN nor GIT is installed
2014-06-05 jpritikinSearch history for the most recent SVN commit
2014-06-05 jpritikinQuote shell variable expansion (safer)
2014-06-05 jpritikinFind SVN build number when using GIT
2014-06-05 jpritikinUse 2.0.0 instead of 999.0.0
2014-06-05 jpritikinFix configure for source builds
2014-06-04 tbatesEstimates are good in NPSOL but poor in CSOLNP - step...
2014-06-04 jpritikinRefuse to set "Default optimizer" on models
2014-06-04 jpritikinRevert "Development"
2014-06-04 jpritikinDevelopment
2014-06-04 jpritikinReinstate R_CheckUserInterrupt
2014-06-01 jpritikinFail if a model has an expectation, no fitfunction...
2014-06-01 jpritikinReduce tolerance for SEM SEs
2014-06-01 jpritikinUse type Eigen::DenseIndex instead of guessing int...
2014-05-31 jpritikinUpdate for 2.0beta1
2014-05-31 jpritikinRequire ItemParam rownames to match latent factor names
2014-05-31 jpritikinAuto-detect two-tier covariance structure; remove expli...
2014-05-31 jpritikinSwitch libifa-rpf from C to C++
2014-05-31 jpritikinSplit BA81 quadrature code into a separate file
2014-05-31 jpritikinDon't need long width integer counters
2014-05-31 jpritikinRe-factor quadrature setup
2014-05-31 jpritikinOmit E-step related math for likelihood CIs
2014-05-31 jpritikinRepair debug logging
2014-05-31 jpritikinSet negative eigenvalues to a small positive number...
2014-05-31 jpritikinAccept both NA and "" to disable EM acceleration
2014-05-31 jpritikinReimplement omxData storage to facilitate dynamic data
2014-05-31 jpritikinAlways recompute patternLik
2014-05-31 jpritikinDocument how to remove a Rd file from roxygen2 control
2014-05-31 jpritikinHighlight discrepancy in IFA sandwich estimator
2014-05-31 jpritikinRewrite EAP in terms of templates
2014-05-31 jpritikinomxAssignFirstParameters should not explode with 0...
2014-05-31 jpritikinReturn EAP scores as a data.frame and preserve row...
2014-05-31 jpritikinRefactor using Policy-based design 2/2
2014-05-31 jpritikinRefactor using Policy-based design 1/2
2014-05-31 jpritikinSpecialize E-step depending on whether the latent distr...
2014-05-31 jpritikinFix signature mismatch in displayCompute
2014-05-31 jpritikinAdd more ignores
2014-05-31 jpritikinFix spelling
2014-05-31 jpritikinRemove non-ascii em dashes
2014-05-31 jpritikinMove packageStartupMessage to .onAttach
2014-05-31 jpritikinDon't attempt to download NPSOL for CRAN builds
2014-05-31 jpritikinOnly invoke roxygen for 'make build*' or if man/ is...
2014-05-31 jpritikinFix signature for logLik
2014-05-31 jpritikinDelete obsolete tests
2014-05-31 jpritikinAlready fixed, see models/passing/RenameAndSummary.R
2014-05-31 jpritikinReject vector=TRUE as part of MxFitFunctionMultigroup
2014-05-31 jpritikinLimit magical vector=T to (FI)ML fitfunction and add...
2014-05-31 jpritikinRepair typo induced by blind search & replace
2014-05-31 jpritikinSort quadrature by density (makes no difference?)
2014-05-31 jpritikinreturnRowLikelihoods for IFA models
2014-05-31 jpritikinMake FIML respect vector=FALSE
2014-05-31 jpritikinRow weights, version 2
2014-05-31 jpritikinMinor optimization
2014-05-31 jpritikinRemove deadcode
2014-05-31 jpritikinIf an MxMatrix is constant, avoid copy
2014-05-31 jpritikinRoxygen should use the same REXEC as found in the Makefile
2014-05-20 rkirkpatrickUpdates to DESCRIPTION file: make date current, add...
2014-05-17 jpritikinFix for R 3.1
2014-05-17 jpritikinAdd packageStartupMessage if compiled without OpenMP
2014-05-17 jpritikinRemove unused return value
2014-05-16 jpritikinRemove unicode blob from doc
2014-05-16 jpritikinRestore behavior of creating tarballs in build/ subdir
2014-05-16 jpritikinRemove extra copy of # of evaluations
2014-05-16 hmaeschanges to doc files
2014-05-16 hmaeschanges to doc files
2014-05-16 hmaeschanges to doc files
2014-05-16 hmaeschanges to doc files
2014-05-16 jpritikinFix algebra dependency tracking
2014-05-16 jpritikinName anonymous algebras to aid debugging
2014-05-16 jpritikinnumThreads is always 1 without openmp
2014-05-16 jpritikinNote location of a promising non-linear optimizer project
2014-05-16 jpritikinAvoid summary crash on multigroup IFA models
2014-05-16 jpritikinRemove debug output from previous commit
2014-05-16 jpritikinAdd build-simple for binary builds without openmp
2014-05-15 sbokerCorrected LL tolerances to be within .01% of MX values...
2014-05-15 sbokerChanged tolerances for omxCheckCloseEnough(). Was...
2014-05-15 jpritikinMxRAMModel should not assume MxExpectationRAM
2014-05-15 jpritikinPermit optimization directly on mxFitFunctionML(vector...
2014-05-15 jpritikinRemove unimplemented and crashing omxSetFinalReturnsFIM...
2014-05-15 jpritikinRepairs some uninitialized memory reads introduced...
2014-05-13 rkirkpatrickChanges to mxStandardizeRAMpaths() so that it works...
2014-05-13 tbatesAdded a warning about using "one" as a label in mxPaths.
2014-05-12 jpritikinCheaper version of the previous change
2014-05-12 jpritikinRecompute fit after NPSOL is done (necessary!)
2014-05-11 jpritikinAdd failing test for CSOLNP
2014-05-10 tbatesminor error msg mod to suggest action if non-square...
2014-05-10 jpritikinCorrectly capitalize OpenMx in the summary output
2014-05-10 jpritikinWarn if summary is called on a model that was modified...
2014-05-10 jpritikinFix typo
2014-05-09 rkirkpatrickChanges to mxStandardizeRAMpaths()'s documentation...
2014-05-09 jpritikinDocument plan for summary decided during the May 09...
2014-05-09 jpritikinRemove old standardization deadcode
2014-05-08 rkirkpatrickAdd test script for mxStandardizeRAMpaths().
2014-05-08 rkirkpatrickTweaked mxStandardizeRAMpaths()'s code to throw an...
2014-05-08 jpritikinAdd test for "Fix mxRename with constraints bug"
2014-05-08 jpritikinShow symbolic name for fitfunction in default compute...
2014-05-08 jpritikinAdd test for handling of backend resized 1x1 matrices
2014-05-08 jpritikinAdd note about a better way to fix this problem