2013-09-20 mhunterFinished man page for state space expectations.
2013-09-19 mhunterFixed bug in state space expectations relating to data...
2013-09-19 mhunterChanged state space expectation argument names, and...
2013-09-16 mhunterChange starting value for variance away from zero.
2013-09-16 mhunterIdentified demo factor model by fixing variance to...
2013-09-12 mzaheryCSOLNP updated
2013-09-12 jpritikinImprove error message
2013-09-12 tbrickFixed a bug where ML fit functions with raw data (FIML...
2013-09-06 jpritikinRun all test with Csolnp
2013-09-06 jpritikinAddress valgrind issues in Csolnp
2013-09-06 mzaheryCSOLNP fixed
2013-09-06 jpritikinConditionalize the rest of CSOLNP debug prints
2013-09-06 jpritikinAdd 'make test-csolnp'
2013-09-06 mzaheryCSOLNP Initialize y
2013-09-06 jpritikinFix valgrind complaint about debug code
2013-09-06 jpritikinGenerate dsym for MacOS debug symbols
2013-09-06 jpritikinReindent
2013-09-06 jpritikinCorrections to CSOLNP
2013-09-06 jpritikinRuntime conditionalize debug output
2013-09-05 jpritikinKeep NPSOL as the default for now
2013-09-05 jpritikinRemove version from DESCRIPTION
2013-09-05 mzaheryCSOLNP
2013-09-02 tbrickRemoved a debugging line I'd accidentally left in when...
2013-09-01 tbrickInitial check-in of mxThreshold() path function and...
2013-08-22 jpritikinRemember N-R max caution across E-M cycles
2013-08-20 jpritikinReorg latent distribution algebra
2013-08-19 tbatesUpdating twinData.Rd to document the reuse of zyg 6...
2013-08-19 jpritikinFactor out multiply by quadrature area
2013-08-19 jpritikinTweak two-tier inner loop
2013-08-19 jpritikinNo need to take extra care to calculate EAP scores...
2013-08-17 jpritikinMerge Csolnp up to 2826
2013-08-17 jpritikinDocument how to find & adjust R's default compiler...
2013-08-17 jpritikinAllow estimation to continue as long as at least 1...
2013-08-17 jpritikinReport free variable name in N-R diagnostics instead...
2013-08-17 jpritikinSparse matrix vector product
2013-08-17 jpritikinPrecompute quadrature locations
2013-08-17 jpritikinRemove excessive caching
2013-08-17 jpritikinCombine calculations into the E-step (helps two-tier...
2013-08-17 jpritikinAllow ComputeIterate to test maximum absolute change
2013-08-16 mhunterUpdated citation per M Neale request. And note in...
2013-08-16 jpritikinRemove obsolete variables
2013-08-16 jpritikinBoth enable and disable use of gradients
2013-08-16 jpritikinRestore ability to verify EM derivs; add test
2013-08-16 jpritikinPrint backend time
2013-08-16 jpritikinAdd back some UNPROTECTs
2013-08-16 jpritikinSync librpf
2013-08-12 jpritikinReorder two-tier loops
2013-08-12 jpritikinRewrite EM fit for new loop order
2013-08-12 jpritikinOpenMP tweaks
2013-08-12 jpritikinPre-divide Eis for two-tier
2013-08-12 jpritikinReorganized the expected weights for cache friendliness
2013-08-11 jpritikinTranspose outcomeProb for better cache behavior
2013-08-11 jpritikinRemove unnecessary memory initialization
2013-08-11 jpritikinSync librpf
2013-08-11 jpritikinAdd more tests
2013-08-11 jpritikinFix bug with irregular number of outcomes
2013-08-11 jpritikinTweak Newton-Raphson
2013-08-11 jpritikinIgnore cachegrind logs
2013-08-10 jpritikinTranspose cache to the optimal orientation
2013-08-10 jpritikinRemove estimation of the latent gradient
2013-08-10 jpritikinMove EAP to the new loop nesting order
2013-08-10 jpritikinAttempt to merge SVN 2824
2013-08-10 jpritikinTouch up fit execution path
2013-08-08 jpritikinUpdate warning for multiple groups
2013-08-08 jpritikinOptimize E step (helps two-tier more)
2013-08-05 jpritikinMake summary work for IFA models
2013-08-05 jpritikinFurther document Ramsay 1975 choices
2013-08-05 jpritikinSlightly optimize vector matrix product
2013-08-05 jpritikinDon't copy derivs between FitContext instances (by...
2013-08-05 jpritikinRemove EItemParam
2013-08-05 jpritikinUse full range of double
2013-08-04 jpritikinBe more paranoid about importing mxData to backend
2013-08-04 mhunterUpdate state space documentation and adjust data sortin...
2013-08-04 jpritikinIgnore non-positive definite Hessian if less than half...
2013-08-04 jpritikinAuto-tune Newton-Raphson
2013-08-04 jpritikinRemove Schilling & Bock (2005) adjustment
2013-08-04 jpritikinFlip sign of derivatives
2013-08-04 jpritikinInvert Hessian piecewise
2013-08-02 jpritikinCheck expectation@patternLikelihood in log units
2013-08-02 jpritikinRemove autoconf remnant
2013-08-01 jpritikinFactor out density multiplication
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 9/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 8/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 7/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 6/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 5/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 4/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 3/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 2/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinReorg E step 1/9
2013-08-01 jpritikinAdd cache for outcomeProb
2013-08-01 jpritikinMore tests
2013-08-01 jpritikinMove allocation out of computeRPF
2013-08-01 jpritikinStore outcome probs more compactly
2013-08-01 jpritikinProper handling for an empty free.set
2013-08-01 jpritikinAdd multigroup state space test (failing)
2013-07-31 jpritikinInitialize omxState.stale to keep valgrind happy
2013-07-31 jpritikinRecord Mike Neale's suggestion
2013-07-29 jpritikinRename
2013-07-29 jpritikinAvoid final copyParamToModel when not needed